Superstar singer caught checking out Kim K’s best asset


Kim Kardashian’s bum is probably the most famous in the world these days – sorry Jennifer Lopez.

So, it was only natural that it caught the attention of a certain singing superstar last night, yes, we’re looking at you, Usher!

The Burn singer got caught dirty sneaking a peek at Kim’s famous behind on the red carpet at last night’s VMA Awards.

Kim was wearing a colourful seventies style minidress as she posed for photos on the red carpet, as Usher passed by, checking her out and photobombing her at the same time – skill!

Somehow, we’re not too sure Kanye will appreciate your humour Usher, but we do!

Usher isn’t the only one to get caught looking at Kim’s bum in recent weeks, the reality TV star shared an image of a security guard checking her out on her Instagram account last week.

We wonder if she will share her opinion on Usher’s wandering eyes!