Star’s dress falls off her during on-stage performance!


People didn’t know where to look when Nicki Minaj’s dress split while ON STAGE at the VMA Awards last night.

Following her explosive performance of new single, Anaconda, Nicki returned to the stage to join Jessie J for new song, Bang Bang.

Unfortunately for the rapper, it seems her black minidress had other ideas and the zipper had completely split, as Nicki tried as professionally as possible to keep the dress together and make her way through the song.

Thankfully, she managed to make it through the stage performance without actually exposing anything, which was pretty impressive!

Meanwhile, Ariana Grande and Jessie J looked none the wiser to Nicki's indiscretion, or at least they certainly didn't let it show!

As they say, the show must go on!

Shortly after the incident, #DidNicki began trending on Twitter, with many people wondering what actually happened up there – was it a wardrobe malfunction or a publicity stunt?

Hmm, so which was it Nicki? A wardrobe malfunction or a "wardrobe malfunction"?