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An Afghan Hound has become an unlikely Internet sensation after images of her glossy hair began to drive dog lovers delirious.

Tea, the “supermodel” dog from Sydney, went viral this week after her owner, Luke Kavanagh, posted a picture of her lying on a bench to Facebook.

The image has now been shared more than one million times as fans admire five-year-old Tea’s impressive coat.

Speaking of the retired show dog, Luke told Local News that Tea can’t go anywhere without attracting attention.

“We always thought that she was far too pretty to keep at home,” he said.

“Even our weekend walks draw a crowd.  She pretends she doesn’t need the attention, but she definitely loves it, just like any supermodel.”

Since accidentally achieving viral fame, Tea has been approached by advertising companies and has taken up animal acting.

With hair like that, it would have been wrong not to!

Images: Luke Kavanagh Facebook


For the hopeless romantics out there (and the cynics too!) this is the perfect video to prove that romance is well and truly alive.

Joan Culberwell and Thomas McGonigal were walking through the streets of Wolverhampton in the UK, when they heard a busker play one of their favourite songs.

The 84-year-old then proceeded to ask his 84-year-old wife for a dance. The couple who have been together for 40 years, then began to waltz to the tune in the middle of the shopping street.

The sweet footage of the couple dancing has since become a viral hit. Thomas explained the incident wasn’t planned and he simply wanted to take Joan for a waltz: “It wasn’t a planned thing, Joan and I were walking through town to Boots when we stopped to listen to a busker. He was playing a medley of lovely ballroom tunes and I could sense Joan moving her feet. I was tapping along and just said to her 'may I take this dance?' and that was that”.