Ever wished there was a way to use Photoshop on your actual body? Well, now you can (kind of!)

With a few knowing tricks you can look absolutely flawless and all you need is a little help from your trusted friend make-up.

Concealer is amazing for covering up any blemishes. You can buy Dermablend Leg and Body Cover to hide any imperfections on your body and MAC Face and Body is great for hiding blemishes on your face.

Fake Tan
Not only is fake tan pretty awesome at making us look like we just arrived back from a sun soaked trip to the Bahamas, it is also pretty fantastic at hiding everything. Sally Hansen tan is great for creating perfect pins and the tan works like a make-up by covering any veins etc.

Use your bronzer to contour abs onto your stomach and to accentuate your cheekbones. Contouring is great because if done correctly it can make you look slimmer and toned.