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I have been on the hunt for an empowering and honest collection of poetry ever since I read Rupi Kaur’s Milk and Honey.

Female poets are paving the way in the poetry world and I am beyond thrilled about it. There once was a time when female writers used male pen names, especially during the 19th century, because men dominated the publishing industry.

However, female writers like Rupi Kaur, Amanda Lovelace and K.Y Robinson have crafted such beautiful work that has earned them the respect in the industry that they truly deserve.

I’ve got great news for those of you who adore powerful and honest poetry. Charly Cox has released her first collection, and it is bound to leave you covered in goosebumps.

She Must Be Mad is a moving, raw and brutally honest collection about the trial and tribulations of life as a young woman in this modern world.

This collection of poetry is “for every woman surviving and thriving in today’s world, for every girl who feels too much; this is a call for communion, and you are not alone.”


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The sense of comfort and support Charly offers through this collection will reassure the women who are battling through this crazy world.

The coming-of-age collection features topics that will tug on the heart strings of women across the globe, like the pressure to look perfect and the little insecurities that float around in your mind every day.


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Charly’s wit will leave you smirking as you read, but her words will also hit you right in the pit of your stomach with the realisation that you’re not alone in this crazy world.

There’s an army of women out there fighting against the dull realities of this silly little thing called life and Charly perfectly captures what life is really like for the modern woman.

She Must Be Mad is published by Harper Collins and is available to buy here.



Your driving instructor, the barista with the AH-MAZE-ING eyes, your older brother's BFF… we've all had a few inappropriate crushes over the years.

Most of the time, they're just a bit of fun, or they might even end up progressing into something more.

But what happens if you fall hard for someone who simply doesn't feel the same, or worse, who is totally off-limits? 

Unrequited love might make for a great movie plot, but when you're feeling it in real life, it can be pretty tough to bear.

If you feel like your life is being overtaken by a crush that's going nowhere, clinical psychologist Ramani Durvasula says you're not alone.

"We have all had them and will likely continue to do so all of our lives," she tells Women's Health magazine.

So what to do when that crush becomes more than just a flight of fancy? Dr. Durvasula has some tips…

1. Know that it's totally normal
Crushes aren't just for tweens who want to be Mrs. Harry Styles. Falling in love – no matter how logical it is – feels amazing, and it's something our body craves. So don't beat yourself up for falling for the wrong guy. You're not the first person with an unrequited crush, and you won't be the last.

2. Don't let yourself be strung along
If the lad you fancy is leaving you waiting hours or even days for a one-word text, despite being oh-so affectionate in person, you might need to give yourself a good talking to. "Unrequited crushes may like the attention and validation," says Dr Durvasula. "While they have no intention of doing anything about it, they may string the crusher along longer."


3. Know your own worth
Yes, relationships have their ups and downs but you should never be left feeling like you're not enough. Love "should be a gentle and reciprocal process," says Dr. Durvasula. "When we fight for it, we often lose sight of whether this is even the right person." Have a think about what you want from a relationship – are you going to get it from this person?

4. Keep your distance
At a certain point you need to accept that things simply aren't going to work between you two, and at that stage Dr. Durvasula recommends cutting contact for the sake of your own sanity. Even if you work with your crush, try unfriending or blocking them on social media, and avoid events where you know you'll see them… at least for a while.

5. Focus on meeting new people
Just because John in HR is the wrong guy for you doesn't mean you'll never meet the perfect man… but you have to be open to meeting new people. Put yourself out there, says Dr. Durvasula, and don't dismiss every new person you come across.