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Easter is just around the corner, and we've started making lists off all the delicious eggs we want.

From orange smarties eggs to gin and tonic delights – this year people are really going all out.

However, at the top of our list? This magical chocolate unicorn egg!

The gorge shell of the egg is coloured with cocoa butter blended with natural colours of beetroot, curcumin and spirulina to create the colourful pattern.

Once you crack open the egg the real fun begins!

You'll see that buried within the chocolate egg are six amazing white chocolate unicorns made with 34 percent Colombian white chocolate.

This unique and exclusive unicorn egg is available from Chococo.

It's a pretty decent size too so £12 seems like a decent price for a magical Easter egg.

We'll take 47.



LADIES! This is not a drill… unicorns were real life creatures long ago, but they were totally gross. 

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The lovely folks from the American Journal of Applied Science made the discovery that around 29,000 years ago, "unicorn-like" creatures walked the earth.


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The only issue is that these creatures were NOT exactly majestic white horses that fart glitter. 

The "elasmotherium sibiricum" was a creature that roamed around Kazakhstan thousands of years ago, and it's basically a big furry rhino TBH. 

These so-called unicorns were approximately six feet tall and 15 feet long… making them even more terrifying.

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Not exactly the kind of animal that you put on a jumper or cute slippers is it?

So basically, unicorns were real… but absolute monstrosities. 


You may have realised by now, but we are TOTALLY obsessed with all things Disney (shocking, I know).

Anyway, that has led to a constant hunt for new and gloriously magical products, that just put a smile on our faces.

I don't mean to alarm you, BUT we have found the best Disney related goodies yet – and they're homegrown!

Odds&Trends is a gorgeous company that sells special gift boxes, filled to the brim with Disney goodies, along with other magical things (we're talking mermaids, wizards and unicorns!)

"We met in our home town of Limerick over 15 years ago. Both a bit blunt, both ambitious, and both creative, we knew immediately that we would be close friends," says the awesome Jenny Lang, co-founder of Odds & Trends. 

Explaining how their fantastic business idea came about, Jenny said: "With an eye for detail, and over 20 years of online-shopping experience between us, we have always enjoyed picking out the perfect items to bring a smile to the faces of our friends and family."

"And so the concept of Odds&Trends was born, from our belief that giving gifts should be as stress-free and enjoyable as receiving them. Therefore, we've decided to do the leg work so that you don't have to."

Amen to that sister, we thank you in advance! 

Magical Friends Gift Box

Odds&Trends was founded in 2017 and since the first day in business, they have been bringing the best selection of products and merchandise to their magical customers. 

The best part is that the two gorgeous ladies behind the brand put so much time and effort into ensuring a variety of fantastic items, along with unique limited edition and seasonal items that fit any budget.

"Tell us more, immediately!"  I hear you ask? 

Basically, the ladies offer magical themed gift boxes that are filled with gorgeous goodies – like mermaid makeup brushes, Disney princess prints, and even the occasional butter beer! 

We're telling you that this is the BEST present idea out there – and we'd like to order 87 boxes. 

The best part? These gorgeous goodies won't break the bank, at a very reasonable €22.50! 

I mean, kindly shut up and take our money.



You know what we love? The magical combination of makeup and mythical creatures, that's what. 

For months now, we've been torn about whether we prefer mermaids or unicorns, because honestly they're all so wonderful. 

However, there is a new beauty product on the market that combines these two mystical creatures – meaning we no longer have to choose sides. 


Everyone is starting to get Unicorns Vs. Mermaids palettes! We are so excited! This Friday will be the last day they are available! Once we are sold out we are out! Thank you @courtneysmakeupcorner for this GORGEOUS shot! ———————— Have you ever seen cuter packaging?!?!? @toothandnailcosmetics #unicornsvsmermaids #highlighterpalette I about died when I realized the actual highlightpalette was the same as the sleeve outside of it!!!! More details soon!!! #motd#makeup#unicorns#mermaids#nyx#ulta#sephora#unicornmakeup##kawaii#mermaidmakeup#beauty#wakeupandmakeup#katvondbeautu#hudabeauty#colourpop#highlight#dupethat#trendmood#limecrime#anastasiabeverlyhills#sugarpill#katvondbeauty#mua#makeupartist#vegan#jaclynhill#morphe#morphebrushes

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The gorgeous humans at Tooth and Nail Cosmetics have released an amazing new highlighter palette, that has amalgamated unicorns and mermaids to form one super creature. 

The gorgeous purple kit is complete with powdered highlighters in a myriad of shimmering hues.

The top row is devoted to mermaids with shimmery shades dubbed Poseidon Issues, Plenty O' Finboys, and Ursula Complex – we're obsessed.

As you probably could have guessed, the bottom row pays homage to the beauty of unicorns the Internet has been obsessed with lately. The unicorn-themed highlighters are called Magical AF (which is vry fair), Holocorn, and Non-Believer.

Tooth & Nail Cosmetics is a North Carolina-based beauty brand (that ships world wide) who makes intensely pigmented highlighters.

You may recall the amazing Sailor Moon highlighters that went viral a while back? Well, the colour payoff of the Unicorns Vs. Mermaids Palette is no different.

For $48.50, you can get these stunning highlighters delivered right to your door (ours should arrive any day now!)

We're obsessed! 


Introducing: the delicious baked good we never knew we needed! 

If you think unicorn-inspired food is old news and boring, take your negativity elsewhere… because we have a new addition! 

Unicorn doughnuts are here, and we legitimately could not be happier about it. 

We have the gorgeous Christina, of Christina's Cupcakes, to thank for these wonderfully magical creations.


Unicorn video tutorial repost to announce a few things. Foremost, I love seeing your donuts and variations of the donicorn! I'm so honored you use my videos and that I can help in any way. That's why I do it! I feel grateful for the community who selflessly takes their time out to share tips and tutorials as well! Furthermore, it's been so sweet to see my video shared, and in doing so, I saw some comments regarding something I never expected to address or that anyone would find offensive- my nails and rings! Let me first say, my nails are boring and short; either messy with polish or none at all. I haven't gotten them done at the salon for a long time. Therefore, for video purposes, I honestly put on press on nails JUST for the vid since people will see my hands, and I at least want it to be pretty to view! And I know people have liked my nail art before so I try to make that audience happy too! For those who commented about food safety and nails and such, please be aware that these are for tutorial purposes only. I do not sell, or have anyone other than myself or my family, consume products used in my videos. I can only hope that people do not make assumptions about that, but since it has happened, I wanted to address it. For those asking for videos in real time whilst making confections, please understand that doing an order while simultaneously making videos would be ineffective to my work flow and time management constraints. So yes, you'll keep seeing nails in most of my videos because I like to! But no, they are not a danger to anyone As always, thank you for viewing!! Much appreciated! 

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Nicknamed "donicorns", Christina has created a number of different styles of unicorn doughnut, including a cute festive one. 


Festive  |Santa donicorns

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The best bit? Christina posted a video showing all you unicorn lovers out there how to create these treats.



It's safe to say that 2016 was the year of the unicorn.

Whether it was toast or makeup, we all kind of went a little nuts for unicorn themed paraphernalia. 

However, our mythical unicorn journey is far from over, and now we have a new product to obsess over. 

Ritter Sport, the major chocolate company we all know and love, have released special edition unicorn themed bars of deliciousness.


@robowecop has also been very lucky and found herself a magical Unicorn Chocolate Bar! #unicornsarereal #glittersport

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The bar is white chocolate and raspberry flavoured, and comes in the most amazing packaging ever.

A bright pink wrapper with a rainbow and a unicorn guards this wonderful pastel coloured treat.

The kicker is that at the moment, there are only 50 bars of this special chocolate, but we think they are road-testing it for main stream consumption.

Well, we hope so!



Yes, they are believed to be mythical creatures, but now scientists think that unicorns were real thousands of years ago – except they weren't the pretty white pearly things were thought they were.

A study published by the American Journal of Applied Sciences claims that newly discovered fossils found in the Pavlodar region of Kazakhstan are that of unicorns – or Elasmotherium sibiricum – which travelled the world around 29,000 years ago.

According to the paper, the unicorns looked more like rhinos than horses and stood about six feet tall, were 15 feet long and weighed around 8,000 pounds.

Unfortunately, no magical flying abilities were found but you never know, Science might definitely will improve in the future.