Unicorn TOAST is a thing and it’s literally the breakfast of our dreams

If there are two words which never fail to make us happy, they have to be “unicorn” and “toast”.

So you can imagine all the glittery feelings which came upon us when we realised unicorn toast is actually a thing.

Currently there seems to be no set criteria for which food qualifies as unicorn toast and which food does not, but, given its name, one would have to assume that colour (and lots of it) is the ultimate goal.

From healthy avocado-laden varieties to gloriously gooey processed fairy food, check out our favourite examples of unicorn toast below.


Color for breakfast  #goodstart #personalized #nailedit @thebodybook @vibrantandpure

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Rainbow toast but only available in Hongkong

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All the toast, as per usual #toasttuesday #iamwellandgood

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