The rain is back, with a risk of thunder and localised flooding


Unless you were very lucky and had a bit of a lie-in this Friday morning, you will probably have noticed that the rain has returned.

We knew the fair weather was too good to last, but we didn't expect it to dissapear quite so soon.

The rain is set to continue into the weekend, with a mix of heavy rainfall and scattered showers. 

Met Eireann is warning that the high levels of rain over the next few days will also bring a risk of localised flooding.

'Mixed weather is expected to continue through much of the outlook period with the potential for some high rainfall accumulations over the next few days, bringing a risk of localised flooding.'

Today is set to be rainy with a risk of thundery downpours. However, it won't get too cold, with temperatures still reaching a potential 18 degrees.

Tomorrow will be cooler with yet more rain, but Sunday will be bright with scattered sun showers.