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The Beckham family has been vacationing in style, staying in posh hotels with infinity pools and soaking up the Indonesian sun on tropical beaches. #holidaygoals

The family has been staying in the gorgeous country for the past few weeks, and their Instagram posts have been giving us major FOMO.

They are having the time of their lives, learning how to crack coconuts, swimming in an infinity pool, and paddle boarding together.

And Victoria has been sure to document it all for us peasants, constantly posting photos and videos of her children and husband David on her Insta story.


Love my babies kisses from us all x VB

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But amidst all the fun and laughter, the Beckhams made sure to set aside time for an important cause that is close to the former Spice Girl's heart.

The family visited young kids at The Sumba Foundation, an organisation dedicated to helping underprivileged, Sumbanese children have access to life essentials like clean water and medical treatment.

The foundation also enrols students in classes, giving them the educational tools they will need for their futures, as well as incorporating local culture and traditions into their daily lives.

Victoria shared photos of her family spending time with the children, teaching them English and playing games together.

Her husband even started up a game of footie with the eager youths.

The retired footballer and his wife parent four kids: Brooklyn, 19, Romeo, 15, Cruz, 13, and Harper, 7.

The Beckham clan loved interacting with the happy students and having a good time together.

“Special day with the inspiring students in Sumba. We loved hanging out helping to teach English and play games!” the mum posted.

Charity has always been one of Victoria’s passions.

She is an International Goodwill Ambassador for UNAIDS and actively supports Save the Children.

It is nice to see the celebrities not only enjoying their holidays but prioritising charitable endeavours as well.

We are delighted that the children at The Sumba Foundation are getting the support they need and that this celeb family is taking the time to try and brighten their day.


So a few weeks back we discovered that giant unicorn pool floats existed, and we were super excited about it. 

However, as of today, we no longer care about unicorns, because they have been out done. 

Out done in a MAJOR way, I might add. 

Disney has released their own line of pool floats for the coming summer months, and honestly they're amazing. 

Credit: Disney Store

Naturally, the floats are inspired by The Little Mermaid, with Sebastian and Flounder being immortalised in plastic form. 

We want both of them. 

The Flounder floatie is like a lilo, whereas the Sebastian one is similar to a doughnut that you can sit into – so cool. 

And the good news? These bad boys are not a total rip off, at 35 and 40 quid respectively. 

Image result for little mermaid gif

As well as these large pool floats, there are also cute little ones made to hold your drinks, shaped like little seahorses. We can't.

All of these wonderful creations will be available later this month, in store and online. 

Roll on summer! 


Suzanne Jackson keeps more than a million readers totally absorbed with her beauty blog, SoSueMe – but her seemingly fabulous lifestyle garners plenty of attention too. 

Not that it's all fun and games; when we exclusively spoke to Suzanne last month, she was eager to clear a few things up. 

“People are often surprised by the hours a blogger works,” she admitted.

“They just see the Instagram pictures and the Facebook posts and they think you have the easiest life imaginable, but it’s not like that.”

Still, now that she has two best-selling books, not to mention a gel nail polish collection (a €100 hamper of which you can win with SHEmazing!) to her name, we reckon Suzanne's earned the right to a time-out every now-and-again.

In fact, we love the 30-year-old Dubliner's work-hard-play-hard mantra.

After all, if five years (her first SoSueMe.ie post published in July 2010) of risk-taking, packed schedules, unforgiving deadlines, and long hours doesn't merit a couple of days on a sun-lounger, there's probably little hope for the rest of us. 

That, and by jetting off abroad, we then get to gawk at her holiday snaps. Everyone's a winner!

Interestingly, the former beauty therapist has now added a travel section to her blog… And, yes the posts are seriously envy-inducing. 

So, with summer holidays fast approaching, let’s get some destination and fashion inspiration from three of Suzanne’s most recent, fabulous trips away.


Marbella, Spain

While she hasn’t blogged about it just yet, from Suzanne’s recent Facebook and Instagram pics, it looks as if she’s currently sunning herself in her favourite holiday destination of Marbella.

Best for… Pools, pools, pools! If you love getting glammed up in a one-piece and sipping cocktails, Marbella is definitely the place for you. In particular, Suzanne seems to spend a lot of vacation time at the Ocean Club. And, if you are looking for some nightlife on your trip, the ever-popular Puerto Banus is just a taxi ride away.

What she wore… 


St. Vincent, Caribbean

Last month, Suzanne went to the stunning island of St. Vincent in the Caribbean with her long-term boyfriend, Dylan. After previously seeing the beautiful shots of Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright’s own holiday there, Suzanne knew it would be the perfect location for a romantic couple’s holiday.

Best for… total relaxation! The white sand and crystal-clear sea in Suzanne’s photos had us sufficiently jealous. The pair went on sunset cruises, chilled by the pool and relaxed on the beach. St. Vincent also seems like a great place to enjoy amazing all-inclusive food and cocktails. Sounds like a trip to paradise, actually.

What she wore…



Texas, USA

In April, Suzanne headed to Dallas to attend a blogger conference with RewardStyle. Although it was technically work, it also looked like an incredible trip and it seems that Suzanne was able to enjoy a little down-time.

Best for… their hotels, by the sounds of things. You can check out her stunning hotel room on her vlog of the trip. Suzanne furthermore attended stunning rooftop parties and the restaurants sounded totally fab.

What she wore…




There is nothing like a beach holiday to relieve the stresses of college or work, but have you ever considered sun bathing on black sand? No?

Well, here are five places that will definitely change your mind:

1. Vik Beach, Iceland
According to Iceland Magazine, it has been named as one of the most beautiful island beaches in the world – although, they are probably a bit biased…


2. Playa Hermosa Beach, Costa Rica
It is one of Costa Rica’s most famous beaches and the sand can, not surprisingly, get pretty hot.


3. Muriwai Beach, New Zealand
It is a petty popular place to visit and is loved by surfers and bird watchers alike.


4. Kamari Beach, Greece
This is also a nude beach – you have been warned!





It’s that time of year again – longer evenings, leaves on the trees and summer plans being made.

If you’re in college, you’re stressing about getting 40% in exams that would be a breeze if you’d actually gone to class that year, while ODing on Red Bull. If you’re in the working world, you’re doing fearless battle with co-workers for precious days off during the summer months.

Let the preparation begin.

It’s spring and you’ve suddenly realised that your inability to save may ruin your summer plans. College students are out on the street selling clothes to tourists and forcefully stuffing CVs down every business owners neck. Time to cut back on everything and start living on a diet of pasta.


Dumping the Girlfriend/Boyfriend
You guys may get along for 11 months and 14 days of the year but where’s the fun in being tied down for your amazing two-week holiday? Being in a relationship on holiday means watching your friends flirt and drink their way around your chosen destination, while you check in with your other half every few hours and stare longingly at tanned Australians.


There is nothing sexier then looking like a leather handbag when you’re strutting your stuff down the beach. Now you have to decide whether to get a few sessions on a tanning bed before your trip or opt for the bottled stuff.


Becoming skinny/toned/lean/basically smaller.
When spring arrives, I don’t care if you’re the least self-conscious monkey in the jungle, you will find yourself in a gym or at least in a pair of runners. Since last summer, we’ve managed to fill all our nooks and crannies with Dominos and cocktails. Until now that was fine because we could hide behind shirts, jeans and hoodies, but not anymore.

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