The stages of pre-summer panic we go through


It’s that time of year again – longer evenings, leaves on the trees and summer plans being made.

If you’re in college, you’re stressing about getting 40% in exams that would be a breeze if you’d actually gone to class that year, while ODing on Red Bull. If you’re in the working world, you’re doing fearless battle with co-workers for precious days off during the summer months.

Let the preparation begin.

It’s spring and you’ve suddenly realised that your inability to save may ruin your summer plans. College students are out on the street selling clothes to tourists and forcefully stuffing CVs down every business owners neck. Time to cut back on everything and start living on a diet of pasta.


Dumping the Girlfriend/Boyfriend
You guys may get along for 11 months and 14 days of the year but where’s the fun in being tied down for your amazing two-week holiday? Being in a relationship on holiday means watching your friends flirt and drink their way around your chosen destination, while you check in with your other half every few hours and stare longingly at tanned Australians.


There is nothing sexier then looking like a leather handbag when you’re strutting your stuff down the beach. Now you have to decide whether to get a few sessions on a tanning bed before your trip or opt for the bottled stuff.


Becoming skinny/toned/lean/basically smaller.
When spring arrives, I don’t care if you’re the least self-conscious monkey in the jungle, you will find yourself in a gym or at least in a pair of runners. Since last summer, we’ve managed to fill all our nooks and crannies with Dominos and cocktails. Until now that was fine because we could hide behind shirts, jeans and hoodies, but not anymore.

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