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The Beckham family has been vacationing in style, staying in posh hotels with infinity pools and soaking up the Indonesian sun on tropical beaches. #holidaygoals

The family has been staying in the gorgeous country for the past few weeks, and their Instagram posts have been giving us major FOMO.

They are having the time of their lives, learning how to crack coconuts, swimming in an infinity pool, and paddle boarding together.

And Victoria has been sure to document it all for us peasants, constantly posting photos and videos of her children and husband David on her Insta story.


Love my babies kisses from us all x VB

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But amidst all the fun and laughter, the Beckhams made sure to set aside time for an important cause that is close to the former Spice Girl's heart.

The family visited young kids at The Sumba Foundation, an organisation dedicated to helping underprivileged, Sumbanese children have access to life essentials like clean water and medical treatment.

The foundation also enrols students in classes, giving them the educational tools they will need for their futures, as well as incorporating local culture and traditions into their daily lives.

Victoria shared photos of her family spending time with the children, teaching them English and playing games together.

Her husband even started up a game of footie with the eager youths.

The retired footballer and his wife parent four kids: Brooklyn, 19, Romeo, 15, Cruz, 13, and Harper, 7.

The Beckham clan loved interacting with the happy students and having a good time together.

“Special day with the inspiring students in Sumba. We loved hanging out helping to teach English and play games!” the mum posted.

Charity has always been one of Victoria’s passions.

She is an International Goodwill Ambassador for UNAIDS and actively supports Save the Children.

It is nice to see the celebrities not only enjoying their holidays but prioritising charitable endeavours as well.

We are delighted that the children at The Sumba Foundation are getting the support they need and that this celeb family is taking the time to try and brighten their day.


The Indonesian Island of Lombok has been shook by aftershocks after a third earthquake. 

The island has been rocked by three earthquakes within a week and now aftershocks are hampering relief efforts.

Sadly, tens of thousands have been left homeless and the quakes have caused a loss of life.

The most recent natural disaster was a shallow quake that hit on Thursday afternoon. 

Indonesia’s geological agency said it measured a magnitude of 6.2, at a depth of 12 km (seven and half miles), centred in the north west of the island.

Fortunately, it did not have the potential to cause a tsunami, said the agency.

Islanders have experienced a devastating 7.0 quake on Sunday, which tragically killed 131 people.

Additionally, the first earthquake hit on July 29 at a magnitude of 6.4 and 16 people sadly lost their lives.

Around 20,000 people living in remote areas, north of Lombok are being targeted by the Indonesian Red Cross.

These communities have are yet to receive any aid.

Spokesman Arifin Hadi told the Associated Press that tens of thousands of Islanders are now homeless in light of the strongest quake on Sunday.

Clean water and tarpaulins are desperately needed by those who survived the tragic quakes.

Mr Hadi said five remote areas, which including one village of about 1,200 households have been reached by five Red Cross vehicles. 

The National Disaster Mitigation Agency are currently forecasting the number of people who have died at at least 131. 

However, there has been conflicting reports about the official number of people killed. 

We are offering our deepest sympathies to all those impacted by the three earthquakes. 



A tourist boat carrying about 200 people has caught fire this morning off the coast of Indonesia.

According to RTE News, many of the passengers have since been rescued, however 23 people were killed and a number injured in the blaze.

The boat (Zahro Express) was travelling a mere 50km journey north of Jakarta to Tidung Island at the time.



A spokesperson for the Thousand Island Police, Ferry Budiharso, said that a short-circuit in the boats power generator is to blame for the fire which started shortly after leaving the Jakartan port, Muara Angke.

It has been reported that officials are still trying to “determine” exactly how many people were travelling on the vessel.

RTE has reported that the number of sea accidents in Indonesia are “frequent” due to overloading and not enough life vests onboard.