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For some folk, the thought of hurling yourself down a water-slide at significant speed fills them with dread.

For others, a holidays or hot day wouldn't be complete without one.

However, both camps will be unnerved by a recent video, which shows some poor hapless young man shoot off a slide – and onto the rocky terrain below.

Ouch. Yes, suffice to say that it makes for hide-behind-your-hands viewing.

The accident happened at a home just east of Austin in Texas and was – thankfully for the internet – captured on a phone and later posted to Facebook along with the hashtags #failvideo #brokenarm #notdead. 

The footage shows David Salmon shoot down the slide, subsequently taking a turn too fast. His body rides up the side, and – airborne – he can next be seen tumbling 3metres over the edge.

“I'd gone down a few times and it was fast,” he has now said. “But this time, I just couldn't slow down, even threw my arm out, and went right over the edge.”

He added: “For a split second, I was like oh no. And then it was like a hard crash, and the rest was all just blurry.”

Mr Salmon furthermore told Fox 4 News that said he was conscious throughout most of the incident. Even though he remains in a lot of pain now, he also knows it could’ve been so much worse.

Still, in the aftermath he's been left with a broken left arm, and several fractured ribs; he has significant scrapes and bruises on his lower back, shoulders and side.

“It was excruciating,” David unsurprisingly said of the incident.

He and his friends had rented the Texas house for a long weekend and were taking turns on the slide last Sunday evening when the accident occurred.

“I could have easily broken my neck or my back,” David concluded. “And this could have been way worse.”




During a Black Lives Matter protest in Texas yesterday, snipers shot and killed five police officers.

Another six were injured – some critically – in the incident which played out in reaction to the highly publicised police brutality against members of the black community in the United States.

"An intensive search for suspects is currently underway," explained Chief Brown of the Dallas Police Department. "No suspects are in custody at this time."

Taking to Twitter in the hours that followed the shocking turn of events in Dallas, many high-profile individuals shared their thoughts on the unexpected display of violence.

"These Dallas shootings are horrific," tweeted John Legend earlier this morning. "Killing these officers is morally reprehensible and completely counterproductive to keeping us safe."

Insistent that the situation between police and the black community requires a peaceful approach, he added: "Being against cops killing is not equal to being for killing cops. We need peace in our streets."

Equally stunned by the violence which erupted in Dallas yesterday, actress, Olivia Wilde, told Twitter followers: "It is truly tragic when a vicious few turn a peaceful protest into a bloodbath. Horrific and sad."

Sharing an image of a placard which read 'If you are not angry, you are not paying attention," former OC actress, Mischa Barton, wrote on Instgram: "All Lives Matter.


All Lives Matter

A photo posted by Mischa Barton (@mischamazing) on

Sharing her thoughts on the matter with 37 million followers earlier today, Demi Lovato tweeted: "My heart hurts. God help us" while Mandy Moore wrote: "The unending heartbreak on the news is just beyond devastating & infuriating. I'm at a total loss."

Meanwhile, Jar of Hearts singer, Christina Perri, offered her support to the families of those killed during yesterday's violence, writing: "Praying for the families of the officers killed tonight in dallas. praying we stop trying to end hate with hate."

"Only love can do that," she added in the post which has been liked thousands of times.

The Dallas protest was organised following Wednesday's fatal shooting of Philando Castile, who was shot by officers after being pulled over while travelling in a car with his partner, Diamond Reynolds, and her young daughter.


Suzanne Jackson keeps more than a million readers totally absorbed with her beauty blog, SoSueMe – but her seemingly fabulous lifestyle garners plenty of attention too. 

Not that it's all fun and games; when we exclusively spoke to Suzanne last month, she was eager to clear a few things up. 

“People are often surprised by the hours a blogger works,” she admitted.

“They just see the Instagram pictures and the Facebook posts and they think you have the easiest life imaginable, but it’s not like that.”

Still, now that she has two best-selling books, not to mention a gel nail polish collection (a €100 hamper of which you can win with SHEmazing!) to her name, we reckon Suzanne's earned the right to a time-out every now-and-again.

In fact, we love the 30-year-old Dubliner's work-hard-play-hard mantra.

After all, if five years (her first SoSueMe.ie post published in July 2010) of risk-taking, packed schedules, unforgiving deadlines, and long hours doesn't merit a couple of days on a sun-lounger, there's probably little hope for the rest of us. 

That, and by jetting off abroad, we then get to gawk at her holiday snaps. Everyone's a winner!

Interestingly, the former beauty therapist has now added a travel section to her blog… And, yes the posts are seriously envy-inducing. 

So, with summer holidays fast approaching, let’s get some destination and fashion inspiration from three of Suzanne’s most recent, fabulous trips away.


Marbella, Spain

While she hasn’t blogged about it just yet, from Suzanne’s recent Facebook and Instagram pics, it looks as if she’s currently sunning herself in her favourite holiday destination of Marbella.

Best for… Pools, pools, pools! If you love getting glammed up in a one-piece and sipping cocktails, Marbella is definitely the place for you. In particular, Suzanne seems to spend a lot of vacation time at the Ocean Club. And, if you are looking for some nightlife on your trip, the ever-popular Puerto Banus is just a taxi ride away.

What she wore… 


St. Vincent, Caribbean

Last month, Suzanne went to the stunning island of St. Vincent in the Caribbean with her long-term boyfriend, Dylan. After previously seeing the beautiful shots of Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright’s own holiday there, Suzanne knew it would be the perfect location for a romantic couple’s holiday.

Best for… total relaxation! The white sand and crystal-clear sea in Suzanne’s photos had us sufficiently jealous. The pair went on sunset cruises, chilled by the pool and relaxed on the beach. St. Vincent also seems like a great place to enjoy amazing all-inclusive food and cocktails. Sounds like a trip to paradise, actually.

What she wore…



Texas, USA

In April, Suzanne headed to Dallas to attend a blogger conference with RewardStyle. Although it was technically work, it also looked like an incredible trip and it seems that Suzanne was able to enjoy a little down-time.

Best for… their hotels, by the sounds of things. You can check out her stunning hotel room on her vlog of the trip. Suzanne furthermore attended stunning rooftop parties and the restaurants sounded totally fab.

What she wore…




50 Ways To Kill Your Mammy – Sky One, Monday at 9pm
So far in this series Baz has made his 71 year old mammy jump out of a plane, shoot him with a taser gun, go stunt car driving, charm a snake and gamble away her pension! Tonight the pair go to Florida where mum gets to wrestle with angry alligators and is then brought to a tattoo parlour – will she go through with the inking?!

Dallas – TV3, Monday at 10pm
Dallas is back with brand new episodes to finish out Series 3 which left us on a cliff-hanger with Southfork in flames. Pamela had just found out about John Ross’s affair with Emma and bizarrely asked to join them in a threesome but then started to have a fit after taking an overdose. Sue Ellen was back on the sauce and passed out in the fire with Bobby and Christopher returning as the fire took hold….

Oscar Pistorius: The Verdict – TV3, Thursday at 7.30pm
The verdict of the case that’s had us all gripped for weeks will be delivered today. This documentary looks back at the world’s most famous paralympian’s fall from grace and attempts to give the most complete picture yet of what happened on the night Reeva Steenkamp was shot dead.

It’s Complicated – FilmFour, Friday at 9pm
Romantic comedy where a mature couple end up having an affair years after they divorced. Worth a watch for the scene where Meryl Streep accidentally gets high off her own supply!