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If you have ever scrolled through Instagram, we're sure you have come across one of those intricately decorated, delicious looking smoothie bowls. 

Rather than being turned off by the concept of fruit soup, the very photogenic smoothie trend took off, blossoming in the fitness and healthy eating corner of social media sites.

Now, one Dublin duo are bringing the smoothie bowl to the city, with a pop-up in healthy eating haven Cocu.

Kale + Coco are a brand new smoothie bowl innovation, ran by two entrepreneurial young women, Rebecca and Jen. 

The pair have started the brand new venture in the form of a pop-up in Cocu on Hatch Street, and their colourful creations look divine. 

The pop-up features a selection of signature bowls, which sound completely delicious. 

There is the Classic Açai, made of blended frozen banana, coconut water and organic Amazonia açai topped with fresh banana, strawberries, granola and coconut chips.


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We also LOVE the sound of The Khaleesi – blended frozen banana, coconut water, passion fruit and organic dragon fruit topped with banana, granola, mango and coconut chips

The bowls start at €7.50 and the pop-up will be in Cocu all summer long, we'll see you there. 


If you want loads of strangers to see your food, clothes, hairstyle or your #gymbod – well then, Instagram is pretty much your perfect platform.

But while the average user might throw up the odd snap of their Sunday brunch or the family pet, certain dedicated IG users have lately been showing off a lot more: namely their glorious 'breakfast and smoothie bowls'.

And these creations are most definitely NOT your average Weetabix-type affairs. 

Instead, they are totally OTT, entirely delicious feasts and treats – and ones that you'll crave no matter what time of day it is. 

Welcome to the online world's latest health phenomenon – and if  you fancy getting in on the action, then take a look at these Instagram accounts: 


Anni Kravi is the woman behind the most glorious foodie-feed in the world. Go on to her page now, your jaw will drop.



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Along with taking pictures of her cats, Danielle Jacobs documents all her super-healthy food and smoothies; including the new and now-famous smoothie bowl.




This German food blogger fills her page FULL of smoothie bowls. Just let the inspiration for this breakfast snack begin!



This girl has a super cute Instagram account which follows her travels and her food! If you need some healthy food inspo asap, this is the place to go.