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Cilla, Monday – UTV, Monday at 9pm
First of a three part biopic starring Sheridan Smith as the young Liverpudlian songbird who started out on the Merseybeat music scene in the 1960's and went on to become the highest paid female entertainer in British television history.

World’s Craziest Fools – BBC3, Tuesday at 7.30pm
The A Team’s Mr. T has been sent on a mission to track down the world’s craziest fools, with tyres, treadmills, booze and people’s general stupidity leading to some rather amusing accidents. I pity the fool!

Marley and Me – E4, Wednesday at 8pm
Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston star in what is quite possibly THE cutest canine tale of all time. A must see for all Andrex puppy lovers.

What Kelly Did Next – RTÉ 2,​ Thursday at 9.25pm
Kelly McDonagh-Mongan hit the headlines last year after she got to the The Voice of Ireland final and performed live the same week she was due to give birth. She didn’t win on the night but proved a very popular contestant with viewers. This documentary shows what the singer has been up to since.

Kate and Will Happily Ever After – E!, Friday at 8.30pm
Giuliana Rancic looks back at Will and Kate’s first year of marriage in this half hour special which includes insights from royal experts, authors and journalists who have closely followed the pair since they first got together. We just can’t ever get enough of watching clips from the wedding of the decade, sure any excuse!



It has been reported that Harry Derbridge WON’T be returning to TOWIE!

A source told The Sun: “It doesn’t look like Harry will be joining us in Ibiza because we’re unable to take all the cast along. And at the moment he doesn’t have a key storyline or friendship group.”

Oh no! What will TOWIE be like without our beloved Harry?! This is simply terrible news!

Harry had been dating co-star Bobby Norris but things between the two fell apart last season, so it is not known what producers will do.

Still, at least we have the memories…




There is big news this afternoon as Peter O’Riordan has been announced as a new presenter for TV3’s Xposé.

Now, if you think you haven’t heard this name before, we are here to tell you that you have. Oh, you definitely have.

Back when Queen Beyoncé (yes, that is her name) and Jay-Z visited Ireland with their little girl, Blue Ivy, TMZ did a very questionable report in which Peter said that people in Ireland wouldn’t know who they are.

Here's a quick reminder:

TV3 announced the news on their website as well as at the launch, writing: "Peter brings a wealth of experience to Xposé having risen from a Field Producer to Assignment Manager at TMZ's LA offices and he has played a part in breaking some of the biggest pop culture news stories in the world including the deaths of Whitney Houston and Paul Walker, and Jay-Z and Solange's elevator fight."

Peter spoke of his delight at his new position, saying: "After almost four years of working with he number 1 celebrity news outlet TMZ, I am ecstatic to be given the opportunity to work with such an amazing brand and networks being Xposé and TV3."



MTV Video Music Awards 2014 – MTV, Monday at 8pm
From Beyoncé’s 15 minute medley and emotional (staged?!) smooch with her hubbie, to Nicki Minaj performing with her dress falling off and Blue Ivy’s impressive dance moves, the annual VMA's are a must see as always.

50 Ways To Kill Your Mammy – Sky 1, Monday at 9pm
This new extreme bucket list series sees the normally lovely Baz Ashmawy make his poor 71-year-old mammy go gambling, sky diving and stunt driving. God love the poor woman!

The 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards – Sky Living, Tuesday at 8.30pm
House Of Cards, Orange Is The New Black, The Good Wife, Homeland, Scandal and Breaking Bad are just some of the shows nominated at the TV world’s version of the Oscars. One to watch is Downton Abbey with an impressive 12 nods – one hopes one’s chances are not hampered by waterbottlegate….

Pet Island – RTÉ One, Thursday at 7pm
Tonight’s episode goes behind the scenes at the St. Patrick's Day Dog Expo in Dublin, which includes contests for doggy dancing, best trick and even waggiest tails – awwww!

The X Factor Top Ten Best Moments Ever – ITV2, Friday at 8pm
In the lead up to this weekend’s launch of Season 11 there is an hourly special on EVERY night this week on ITV2! There’s a show dedicated to Simon, one to Louis, one to Cheryl and one to Dermot as they each look back at their favourite moments from the past 10 years. What better way to warm us up eh?!




Former EastEnders star, Daniella Westbrook, broke down into tears during an emotional interview on ITV’s This Morning.

Daniella, who was spotted fighting with her boyfriend, Tom Richards in the street just last week, left England on Saturday, after being told her drug use would be revealed in the media the following day.

The actress has previously been very open about her past drug use, and this time is no exception. Speaking about the situation, Daniella said : “The newspapers have done me a huge favour – the first thing I said to the journalist was, ‘thank you very much because you’ve done me a huge favour.’”

Daniella suffered a miscarriage back in April and has clearly been suffering deeply since the breakdown of her 13 year marriage to Kevin Jenkins last December.

She tells the hosts of This Morning, Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford, how she has told her family about the drug use: “I told my mum three weeks ago at her house … My younger brother just emailed me this morning and I know I’ve broken his heart.”

The actress’ struggle with cocaine has been widely known for years now, beginning when she was only a teenager and starring in EastEnders as Samantha Mitchell. 

Hopefully now she can get the help she needs to be healthy and happy. 



It was an institution for so many of us way back when.

Catching up with Zack, Screech and the gang was the highlight of our day.

Can you believe it’s been 25 YEARS since the first episode aired? We feel old.

But where are the gang now?

Zack Morris
Zack Morris, our teen heartthrob and forever pretend boyfriend, was played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

Mark-Paul’s biggest role since SBTB was as Detective John Clark on NYPD Blue and he currently stars as Bash in TV show, Franklin and Bash.

Mark-Paul married Lisa Ann Russell in 1996 but filed for divorce in 2010. The two have two children together, Michael Charles and Ava Lorenn. He later married Catriona McGinn in 2012 and the two have one child, Dekker.

No hope for him and Kelly then? Though they dated in real life for a while, it would appear…no.

Kelly Kapowski
Every girl wanted to be her and every guy wanted to be with her back in the ‘90s.

The side swept hair, the tie dye, the neon…sheer perfection.

Kelly was played by Tiffany Amber Thiessen who also had a lead role in Beverly Hills, 90210 as Valerie Malone.

Many people may also remember Tiffany from her role as Marti in Two Guys and a Girl.  

She currently stars as Elizabeth Burke in the TV show, White Collar.

Tiffany has one daughter, Harper, with her husband of nine years, Brady Smith.

Oh, and she’s still hot.

Ah, Screech…what the hell happened?

Everyone’s favourite lovable guy is not best known for the release of his own sex tape, Screeched – Saved by the Smell. No, seriously. That’s the name.

He also directed it. Now that’s skill.

We don’t really want to talk about it.

Lisa Turtle
Lisa Turtle was played by Lark Voorhies.

Lisa had some serious style, and we wanted her closet.

After the show ended in 1994, Lark had roles in many TV shows such as The Fresh Prince and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Lark has hit the headlines for displaying some worrying behaviour, with her mum and even co-star, Dustin Diamond weighing in on her issues.

She runs her own production company, called You Soy Productions.

A.C. Slater
Probably the most well known of the gang today, Mario Lopez played AC Slater on the show and was loved for his brawn and slicked mullet. Oh yes.

Since then, he has made quite the name for himself as a TV presenter, starring on shows such as The X Factor US.

Mario was married to Courtney Mazza in 2012 and the couple have two children together, Gia and Dominic.

Jessie Spano
The no-nonsense Jessie Spano was played by Elizabeth Berkley on SBTB.

Elizabeth later made a name for herself by playing a stripper in movie, Showgirls, which got a whopping 17% on Rotten Tomates. Eek…

She has since appeared on Dancing with the Stars as well as assorted TV and film work.

Mr. Belding
Mr. Belding was everyone’s favourite principal. We can still remember how his office looks and how he sounded when he said: “Hey, hey hey, what is going on here?!”

Mr. Belding was played by Dennis Haskins who has since made some appearances on popular TV shows (like How I Met Your Mother!)




Filming for season 8 of The Big Bang Theory has been delayed further, due to contract negotiations involving five of the show's stars.

The issues are said to be due to salary negotiations for Kaley Cuoco, Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Kunal Nayyar and Simon Helburg.

Warner Brothers issued a statement regarding the delay, saying: “Due to ongoing contract negotiations production on The Big Bang Theory, which was originally scheduled to begin today, has been postponed.”

Uh oh, this does not sound good! We hope they can sort the issues soon and get back on our screen in usual hilarious fashion! 



Everyone has a little bit of Milhouse in them, and it's nothing to be ashamed of! Milhouse is awesome. 

1. You’re The Sidekick In Your Own Life

milhouse simpsons

2. You Can’t Flirt

milhouse flirt


A shift of the eyebrow, a tearful session of begging, grasping their pants as they try to leave – yeah, flirting isn’t exactly your forte. “Do… um, did you, uh, fall from heaven? It’s… are you an angel? Um, I’m sorry… I just like your face.”

3. You Can’t Handle Being Alone

simpsons milhouse lonely


When you can’t see your best friend, or can’t even talk to them, it’s the worst experience ever. Who else can listen to you about this horrible time in your life? Definitely not Martin Prince, he’s probably studying

4. You’ll Do Anything For Your Crush

simpsons milhouse lisa


Your crush always wants aspects of you and your personality in their prospective partner. Dammit Lisa, can’t you see the Milhouse love right in front of you? *cries*

5. You’re Always Trying To Improve Yourself

future milhouse


6. Sometimes You Lose The Plot



You’re usually a pretty happy-go-lucky person in your day-to-day life. However, that can all change. If one more person annoys you, and you’re already on the brink, you can flip your shit. Watch out when Milhouse gets angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

7. You’re Gullible

simpsons milhouse


You tend to believe what your trusted friend/family member tells you, even if it isn’t at all feasible. You just hope that they wouldn’t lie to you, you’ll question it later when you’ve had time to have a bit of a think.

8. You Get Yourself Into Awkward Situations

simpsons milhouse nelson


You put your foot in your mouth, usually daily, if not, you’ll trip yourself up or just push someone to the brink of knocking your teeth out. Don’t provoke Nelson, it’s not worth it.

9. Nobody Likes You

nobody likes milhouse


That may not be entirely accurate because you’re pretty awesome, but it does feel like that on occasion. Anyone who doesn’t like you is wrong, so that’s okay.

10. But Despite Everything, You’re An Eternal Optimist

simpsons milhouse

So, congratulations, you’re pretty darn cool. Bonus, Bart can’t live without you. You do you, Milhouse!

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There is exciting news for actress, Danica McKeller, who just announced she is getting married to boyfriend Scott Sveslosky!

The Wonder Years actress shared an image of her gorgeous ring, writing: “So…can you guess what my big news is??”

Danica was previously married to Mike Verta before divorcing in 2012. The couple have one child together, Draco. 



Chelsea Handler has made it to Dublin! Stopping off first in the UK to promote her book, Uganda Be Kidding Me, and play a date in London, she is finally here!

The comedian, who will step down from her hit show, Chelsea Lately, in the autumn, shared a very pretty photo of Dublin on her Instagram account, writing: “Beauty of Dublin, I must be Irish.”

The photo is slightly terrifying as Chelsea can be seen hanging over the edge of a building ledge – eek!

Chelsea will perform tonight in Dublin’s Olympia Theatre.




How cute is Maisie Williams? 

The Game of Thrones cutie did a Q&A session over her Instagram account yesterday and was proposed to by a fan!

Thankfully, the actress, who plays Arya in the hit show, turned down her admirer very gently, and offered him her friendship instead! Aww. 

Watch the adorable interaction here. 




Ellie Goulding is set to hit the stage tonight in Marlay Park and we’re sure her loyal fans are super excited about seeing her!

The singer has shared her thoughts on her first few hours in Dublin’s fair city, and it looks like it’s a winner!

Ellie tweeted earlier this afternoon: “Hello Dublin Good to be back!” and also retweeted a friend saying “it’s really pretty in Dublin.”

Aww, thanks Ellie, we agree!