Cilla, Monday – UTV, Monday at 9pm
First of a three part biopic starring Sheridan Smith as the young Liverpudlian songbird who started out on the Merseybeat music scene in the 1960's and went on to become the highest paid female entertainer in British television history.

World’s Craziest Fools – BBC3, Tuesday at 7.30pm
The A Team’s Mr. T has been sent on a mission to track down the world’s craziest fools, with tyres, treadmills, booze and people’s general stupidity leading to some rather amusing accidents. I pity the fool!

Marley and Me – E4, Wednesday at 8pm
Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston star in what is quite possibly THE cutest canine tale of all time. A must see for all Andrex puppy lovers.

What Kelly Did Next – RTÉ 2,​ Thursday at 9.25pm
Kelly McDonagh-Mongan hit the headlines last year after she got to the The Voice of Ireland final and performed live the same week she was due to give birth. She didn’t win on the night but proved a very popular contestant with viewers. This documentary shows what the singer has been up to since.

Kate and Will Happily Ever After – E!, Friday at 8.30pm
Giuliana Rancic looks back at Will and Kate’s first year of marriage in this half hour special which includes insights from royal experts, authors and journalists who have closely followed the pair since they first got together. We just can’t ever get enough of watching clips from the wedding of the decade, sure any excuse!