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Thunder buddies are forever!

We've been getting excited for Ted 2 ever since we heard news of a sequel, and the official trailer is finally here. Mark Wahlberg is reunited with his R-rated best pal in the follow up to the hit 2012 comedy, which will be released this June.

New mum Mila Kunis sadly won't appear as John's wife Lori, so we can only assume it's all over between them… but there's a new love interest in the form of Amanda Seyfried, who plays the lawyer tasked with proving that Ted is in fact a real person with human rights just like the rest of us.

Sequels to hit movies always run the risk of being a disappointment, but we definitely got a few laughs out of this trailer so that can only be a positive sign! Plus, any film with a Morgan Freeman cameo gets our vote.



Mark Wahlberg and Amanda Seyfried held nothing back from photographers recently when they were spotted kissing in New York.

But before you run off to comfort Amanda's boyfriend Justin Long, let's just mention the fact that the passionate lip-locking was purely for professional reasons!

It seems Amanda has replaced new mum Mila Kunis as Mark's love interest for Ted 2, which will be released next summer.

While we're sad to see Lori and John break up, we reckon Amanda will do a great job in the new role. The Mamma Mia actress admitted she was so keen to star in the film that she accepted the part from Seth MacFarlane before knowing anything about it.

"When they would talk about another Ted movie, I would always joke about how they were going to incorporate me into the movie," she confessed in an interview a couple of months before filming kicked off.

"I don't know what my character is like," the actress said  "I literally don't know… But I still said yes to Seth because I trust him. How could anybody say no to him? But yeah, I have no idea what I'm doing. It's so weird."

Well, judging by these snaps, her character is definitely doing a lot of kissing! 


SHEmazing! TV is here to deliver your round-up of all the Showbiz News.

Today’s highlights include:

  • Lily Allen bans something most of us could not live without!
  • Katie Price to take cheating husbands name
  • Is this the coolest hollywood couple ever?
  • Family Guy creator is in BIG trouble
  • Actress is so happy she doesn’t cut it for a ‘hot list’

Niamh Geaney reports.



Seth Macfarlane is being sued by Bengal Mangle Productions who claim that his hit film Ted was just a rip off of their online series Acting School Academy, which featured Charlie, a booze loving teddy bear.

Apparently Acting School Academy was very successful on YouTube, FunnyorDie and other video sites, so it seems unlikely that Seth would have missed.

The lawsuit lists some of the similarities between the two films: both teddies spend a lot of time on the couch, both drink beer and smoke, both have washed up child stars as friends, and both are active on social media.

It also says that Seth even copied some of the tweets sent out by Charlie:

July, 2009, Charlie:  I don’t like cocaine.  I just like the smell of it

June, 2012, Ted:  Just acid, and coke, and ex and DMT.  That’s where I draw the lines

March, 2009, Charlie:  I’m a bear and my nose is at crotch level.  What do women expect?

April, 2012, Ted:  I don’t mind giving the ladies oral pleasure.  I just Febreeze the s**t out of my snout after.

Sounds a bit suspicious alright!

ted charlie


Graham Norton certainly had a star studded couch last night, with guests such as Charlize Theron, Seth McFarlene, Emily Blunt and of course, Tom Cruise.

The highlight of the night was of course when Graham convinced Seth do his hilarious impersonation of Liam Neeson’s, Taken speech using Kermit the Frog’s voice.