Seth Macfarlane is being sued by Bengal Mangle Productions who claim that his hit film Ted was just a rip off of their online series Acting School Academy, which featured Charlie, a booze loving teddy bear.

Apparently Acting School Academy was very successful on YouTube, FunnyorDie and other video sites, so it seems unlikely that Seth would have missed.

The lawsuit lists some of the similarities between the two films: both teddies spend a lot of time on the couch, both drink beer and smoke, both have washed up child stars as friends, and both are active on social media.

It also says that Seth even copied some of the tweets sent out by Charlie:

July, 2009, Charlie:  I don’t like cocaine.  I just like the smell of it

June, 2012, Ted:  Just acid, and coke, and ex and DMT.  That’s where I draw the lines

March, 2009, Charlie:  I’m a bear and my nose is at crotch level.  What do women expect?

April, 2012, Ted:  I don’t mind giving the ladies oral pleasure.  I just Febreeze the s**t out of my snout after.

Sounds a bit suspicious alright!

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