Lisa at ClearSkin

Lisa at ClearSkin talks exclusively to SHEmazing! about acne


ClearSkin offer a range of very effective and affordable acne treatments including Permanent Pimple Removal (PPR), RF Skin Resurfacing and Skin Needling. Skin Needling is suitable for all skin types.

ClearSkin also offer very effective SPOT Acne Scar treatments including subscission, spot Pixel and the TCA cross method. Many clients with Acne Scarring have different types of scars which need a combination of treatment types to achieve the best results.

Now is the time to say goodbye to all those frustrating acne products that just don’t work because you’ll be able to get rid of acne for good and never have to worry about it ever again.

To find out which treatments will be most effective for you please book in for a free skin consultation with one of our expert therapists.