Our confidence can vary from time to time – one day we feel on top of the work and superconfident that we can achieve anything. 

Other times, situations can get a little overwhelming, and lead us to feel that we're not really very good any anything at all. 

A study, published in the Psychological Bulletin, looked at how self-esteem levels change in people over the course of their lives – and at what ages people reported feeling the best about themselves.

Using information from a whopping 160,000 individuals, the study found that people feel most confident and self assured at age 70. 

So if you're stressing about that quarter-life crisis, just remember it only gets better from here. 

The research found that increasing self-confidence only reaches a plateau during adolescence, then makes a strong leap in early adulthood, and continues to increase until age 70. 

From there it very gently decreases, but only very slightly, until age 90. 

The study found that this data was reflective across all categories of people of different genders, ethnicities and nationalities.

The self-esteem pattern of life remained much the same.

So, if you're feeling a bit down on yourself at the moment, the best is yet to come.