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From his combative approach to press conferences to his linguistic gymnastics, Sean Spicer's six-month stint as the White House Press Secretary won't be forgotten in a hurry.

Satirised so brilliantly by Melissa McCarthy on Saturday Night Live, the 46-year-old New Yorker became somewhat of a pop culture phenomenon.

And he's set to appear on this week's Late Late Show.

Commenting on the highly-anticipated appearance, Ryan Tubridy said: "Donald Trump’s presidency is one of the most fascinating and extraordinary things to happen in our lifetime. Sean Spicer was right there watching it all in a front row seat."

"I am really looking forward to getting his first-hand account of what it was like to be there in that White House with the world’s media watching and his insights into what’s really going on in Trumpland.”

Undoubtedly, a key public figure in the early days of Donald Trump’s White House, Spicer will be giving viewers the lowdown on what it was like to be part of one of the most controversial US presidencies in history.

In an Irish television exclusive, Spicer will be talking about finding himself at the centre of a global media storm after his first outing facing the press in the White House and why he still believes he was right to claim that Trump’s inauguration was the biggest ever.

He’ll also be taking viewers through his six months in the eye of the storm, including what he really thinks about Melissa's infamous impression of him, and why he ultimately decided to resign.  

Unsurprisingly, talk is set to turn to the embarrassing revelations in Michael Wolff’s book Fire and Fury and why he believes they may not be entirely accurate.

If you want to find out if Spicer still supports Trump or whether he believes he will win another four years in the White House in 2020, tune in this Friday night, ladies!


So, it's fair to say that Sean Spicer caused quite a stir at last night's Primetime Emmy Awards, but it was backstage photo with a certain late night talk show host that has Twitter users in uproar.

Appearing on stage during Stephen Colbert's opening monologue, the former White House Press Secretary divided viewers when he poked fun at his own claim that Donald Trump’s inauguration received the biggest crowds ever.

However, Sean wasn't the only one to receive criticism on the night.

After posing for a snap in which James Corden appears to kiss the former White House secretary on the cheek, social media users were less than impressed with the Late Late Show host. 

Some compared the interaction to the controversial moment fellow talk show star Jimmy Kimmel ruffled Donald Trump's hair during an interview last September.

“Corden makes Spicer look like a beacon of honour and sincerity. It’s like Kimmel ruffling Trump’s hair all over again: proper enablers”, one viewer wrote. 

Others took to Twitter to express their disappointment, with some even accusing the star of "normalising fascism."



Yesterday, news broke that White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, had announced his intention to resign from his high-profile position just six months after taking up the post.

During his time serving POTUS Donald Trump, Spicer became the butt of countless jokes as his propensity for spin and tendency to sidestep questions irked and bemused the press and public in equal measure.

His attitude to the media and his approach to the role was immortalised on Saturday Night Live when Melissa McCarthy channelled her inner Spicer, and regularly played what could be considered her funniest role to date.

And with Sarah Huckabee Sanders set to fill the position next month, Twitter has decided to 'pay tribute' to the man who unwittingly became a parody of himself.

We'll let Twitter take it from here.