Resignation of Sean Spicer sparks meme storm we can all get behind


Yesterday, news broke that White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, had announced his intention to resign from his high-profile position just six months after taking up the post.

During his time serving POTUS Donald Trump, Spicer became the butt of countless jokes as his propensity for spin and tendency to sidestep questions irked and bemused the press and public in equal measure.

His attitude to the media and his approach to the role was immortalised on Saturday Night Live when Melissa McCarthy channelled her inner Spicer, and regularly played what could be considered her funniest role to date.

And with Sarah Huckabee Sanders set to fill the position next month, Twitter has decided to 'pay tribute' to the man who unwittingly became a parody of himself.

We'll let Twitter take it from here.