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Anyone who has ever watched one of his movies will agree with us that Scott Eastwood is a baby of major proportions; now we have proof from the man himself that he is also darn adorable.

The hunky 29-year-old, who has been all over magazine covers of late thanks to his starring role in The Longest Ride, took to his Instagram account this week to share a “moment of extreme embarrassment” with his fans.

Posting a photo of himself buying a copy of this month’s Men’s Fitness magazine, of which he is the cover star, Scott is seen cringing with mortification.

“Moment of extreme embarrassment. When men’s fitness didn’t send me a copy of the cover I was on. So I had to buy it at a store,” he wrote.

He need not have worried about what the shop assistant thought, however, as he revealed that she “didn’t even notice” who he was.

Are you thinking what we’re thinking? How can you find yourself in the presence of the beauty that is Scott Eastwood, and not recognise him?!

We love him even more for sharing this shot.



This week, Scott Eastwood seemed to confirm the rumours that have long haunted Ashton Kutcher – that he cheated on ex-wife Demi Moore.

Now that Ashton has moved on with Mila Kunis, with the pair recently welcoming baby daughter Wyatt, we can imagine that he is not overly thrilled that the murkier parts of his past have been dragged up all over again; and we would be right in saying that, apparently.

Indeed, sources say that Ashton is mad as hell at The Longest Ride star, with an insider opening up to entertainment site HollywoodLife.com.

“Ashton is livid that Scott would bring up his affair with Sara Leal. He cannot comprehend why Scott would choose to do that now, other than the fact that he’s got a film to sell and needs all the publicity he can get,” the source said.


They added: “Ashton himself never confirmed he had an affair, nor did he ever admit that was the reason for his break-up with Demi Moore. For Scott to come out and say that has left him furious because he likes to have his privacy.”

Leal claimed in late 2011 that she had enjoyed a wild night with the former That 70’s Show star, even going on to share photos of his hotel suite.



Scott Eastwood has let a very big cat out of the bag – and we doubt Ashton Kutcher is going to be too happy.

Though the Two and a Half Men actor’s marriage to Demi Moore had always been blamed on his cheating, it wasn’t confirmed until now.

Appearing on Watch What Happens Live, Scott told the audience how Ashton had cheated on Demi Moore while they were married. How does he know? Well, it was with HIS girlfriend. Awkward…

Ashton is believed to have cheated on Demi on the weekend of their six year anniversary, causing the couple to split in 2011. Their divorce was finalised at the end of 2013.  

Scott, who is the son of legendary Hollywood actor Clint Eastwood, also added that he doesn’t hold the incident against Ashton.

We have a feeling Ashton may be holding this entire incident against poor Scott though! 



The clue is in the surname – Scott Eastwood is Clint Eastwood’s son. He is also a bit of a hottie…

Scott took to Instagram last night to reveal that he has bagged his first major movie – in the silver screen adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ book The Longest Ride.

The 28-year-old posted a picture of himself holding the book along with the caption: “Great book. Thanks Fox for this amazing opportunity!!”

The book tells the story of an old man, trapped in a car crash, who is looking back on his life as a young couple nearby fall in love. Sounds like quite the tear-jerker!

Scott caused a bit of stir recently when he was linked with the lead role in Fifty Shades of Grey before the part when to the equally gorgeous Jamie Dornan.

While Eastwood Jnr. has popped up a couple of low key movies and indie flicks, The Longest Ride is his first big-time role.



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