The clue is in the surname – Scott Eastwood is Clint Eastwood’s son. He is also a bit of a hottie…

Scott took to Instagram last night to reveal that he has bagged his first major movie – in the silver screen adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ book The Longest Ride.

The 28-year-old posted a picture of himself holding the book along with the caption: “Great book. Thanks Fox for this amazing opportunity!!”

The book tells the story of an old man, trapped in a car crash, who is looking back on his life as a young couple nearby fall in love. Sounds like quite the tear-jerker!

Scott caused a bit of stir recently when he was linked with the lead role in Fifty Shades of Grey before the part when to the equally gorgeous Jamie Dornan.

While Eastwood Jnr. has popped up a couple of low key movies and indie flicks, The Longest Ride is his first big-time role.