Actor reveals Ashton cheated on Demi…with HIS girlfriend!


Scott Eastwood has let a very big cat out of the bag – and we doubt Ashton Kutcher is going to be too happy.

Though the Two and a Half Men actor’s marriage to Demi Moore had always been blamed on his cheating, it wasn’t confirmed until now.

Appearing on Watch What Happens Live, Scott told the audience how Ashton had cheated on Demi Moore while they were married. How does he know? Well, it was with HIS girlfriend. Awkward…

Ashton is believed to have cheated on Demi on the weekend of their six year anniversary, causing the couple to split in 2011. Their divorce was finalised at the end of 2013.  

Scott, who is the son of legendary Hollywood actor Clint Eastwood, also added that he doesn’t hold the incident against Ashton.

We have a feeling Ashton may be holding this entire incident against poor Scott though!