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We've seen what happens when Santa puts the fear of God into children; there's a lot of crying, screaming and running.

But even better is what happens when you put a cat in front of the big bearded guy.

Some are totally chill… and then there's the ones that want to rip Santa's beard off: 

1. They're nearly worse than screaming children


2. But this guy just looks as confused as ever


3. This one is in shock


4. But this one wanted to impress the big guy


5. He just KNOWS this Santa isn't real


6. But this cat's grumpy face trumps them ALL




When Christmas came around, you either LOVED seeing Santa in the grotto every year and couldn't wait to nab the present he gave you (because who doesn't like an early Christmas present?!). 

Or, you were the exact opposite and felt like visiting Santa was the WORST time of the festive season (who wants to sit on a randomer's lap anyway??). 

But these kids we've spotted popping up around social media are something else. The fear of god has definitely sunk into a few of them… and we can't help but laugh: 

1. The Great Escape 


2. 'Why did you do this to me, mam?!'


3. I'm a child… GET ME OUT OF HERE!


4. He's clearly having none of it


5. Her face is just priceless


6. The kid who climbed to safety


7. We honestly don't blame her though… 


8. She's giving her brother some serious side eye


9. Props to the sister for keeping her cool


10. When dad is dragged into the mix 


11. They can't get further away from him


12. The blur… and the brother who isn't far behind her


13. And the dog, who clearly doesn't want to be near Santa either



They all love a good fight in Hollywood, and Lauren Cohen certainly got a BIG one today. 

The Walking Dead actress has moved onto the big screen and to promote her upcoming horror flick, The Boy, she appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

While she was in the middle of telling Ellen about her new super-scary flick, an unexpected surprise popped up out of the blue. 

Her scream was probably heard outside of the studio, but hey, it was all in good fun. You might even get a fight yourself!



A tiny kitten has its first run-in with a carpet and woah, is it scary! Or at least it thinks so. Watch as the tiny pet fights to keep off the carpet.