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So, Ruby Tandoh has undergone a radical transformation.

In a move which has left her Twitter followers reeling this week, the Great British Bake Off star has taken to social media to share snaps of her new look, and it's fair to say opinion is divided.

The 24-year-old baker, who appeared in the 4th season of the much-loved baking competition, decided to ditch her trademark curls in favour of a buzz cut.

Uploading a snap of herself looking pretty defiant on Wednesday, Ruby wrote: "Do what you want.

Following the snap with her reasoning. Ruby added: "I realised I was always hiding behind my big mop of hair and pulling it over my face so i was like… bye curls, hello being unapologetic."

And while most social media users have praised the new look, not everyone has been so complimentary.

Taking issue with Ruby's decision to showcase her shaved head, one follower wrote: "Not attention seeking at all, is it?"

Owning her critic with one line, Ruby replied: "Is your bald ass head attention-seeking too?"

Ruby 1. Troll: 0




Ruby Tandoh may be The Great British Bake Off’s most famous star ever; from lots of tears to rumours of favourtism, Ruby is one that many fans have remembered since she appeared on the show in 2013. 

Yesterday, Ruby took to Twitter to announce that she is gay, sharing a video of Diana Ross’ I’m Coming Out and writing: “me to my parents today. Feeling lucky and joyful and free. Over and out.”

The food writer also took the opportunity to dismiss rumours she had been a bit too close to mentor Paul Hollywood: “For those who thought I fancied Paul Hollywood or that I’d ever bang him to get ahead – JOKE’S ON YOU, YOU MASSIVE SHI**ING MISOGYNISTS.”

The response from Ruby’s fans was incredible with many inspired to come out themselves to loved ones thanks to her news, with Ruby responding: “and to those who came out yesterday, spurred on by the love/support you saw on here – I am so fu**ing happy for you and a bit teary too tbh.”

Unfortunately for Ruby, there was one person who had an issue with the way in which she handled her announcement, with Paul Hollywood blasting her for using his name: “very happy for you Ruby … but why do you feel it necessary bringing me into your announcement?”

We're so glad that Ruby's announcement managed to inspire so many people to be who they really are.  



With a love for cooking, and her own baking book to her name, you may be surprised to hear that food wasn’t always The Great British Bake Off star Ruby Tandoh’s friend.

The 22-year-old, who sailed into the finals of last year’s show, has opened up on her difficult relationship with food, admitting that she once suffered from an eating disorder.

Ruby, who proved extremely popular during her stint on the show, makes the revelation in a new interview with Elle magazine, recalling her obsessive calorie counting and extreme dieting.

“I even went into modelling…to give my illness some justifying purpose. I dashed between castings with masochistic zeal, squeezing myself into sample clothes many sizes too small,” Ruby says.

Tracing the beginning of her problems back to when she started university, Ruby says cooking for others around her was her own special way of dealing with her issues.

Thankfully, Ruby has made it through that testing time of her life, and has gone on to enjoy considerable success since first hitting our screens on Bake Off last year. As well as having her own food column in The Guardian, she also released her own baking book, Crumb, last month.

We did have a soft spot for Ruby. Good on her; we wish her all the best with her career.


Model, student and runner-up of last year’s Great British Bake Off, Ruby Tandoh, has landed a book deal.

Ruby lost the bake-off title to Frances Quinn, but gained attention with her many tears on the show and an attack by chef Raymond Blanc who said she was “so thin” and made him “doubt of her love for great cooking, baking,”.

We all know chefs have a temper but that was a bit unnecessary!

The book, Crumbs, will be published this year by Chatto and Windus. It has been said that there were up to nine publishers fighting to give her the deal.

Judging by her baking skills on GBBO, this is one book we’ll be adding to our kitchen shelves.