Bake Off star shares shocking food revelation


With a love for cooking, and her own baking book to her name, you may be surprised to hear that food wasn’t always The Great British Bake Off star Ruby Tandoh’s friend.

The 22-year-old, who sailed into the finals of last year’s show, has opened up on her difficult relationship with food, admitting that she once suffered from an eating disorder.

Ruby, who proved extremely popular during her stint on the show, makes the revelation in a new interview with Elle magazine, recalling her obsessive calorie counting and extreme dieting.

“I even went into modelling…to give my illness some justifying purpose. I dashed between castings with masochistic zeal, squeezing myself into sample clothes many sizes too small,” Ruby says.

Tracing the beginning of her problems back to when she started university, Ruby says cooking for others around her was her own special way of dealing with her issues.

Thankfully, Ruby has made it through that testing time of her life, and has gone on to enjoy considerable success since first hitting our screens on Bake Off last year. As well as having her own food column in The Guardian, she also released her own baking book, Crumb, last month.

We did have a soft spot for Ruby. Good on her; we wish her all the best with her career.