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Sometimes we cast our eyes upon something so cute that our bodies are simply overcome with emotion. 

It usually happens when we see a basket of kittens, elderly people in love, or occasionally, a cherubic baby.

When we feasted our optics on Dublin Zoo's latest arrival, we were hit with the very same wave of what we have dubbed to be cuteness overload. 

Dublin Zoo today announced the birth of a southern white rhinoceros calf.

The male calf, who has yet to be graced with a moniker, was born to proud mother Nyala and father Chaka on Sunday, November 12.

The new arrival weighs in at a whopping 50kgs.

The baby is Nyala’s first calf, and the birth is part of the European Endangered Species Programme, established to assist the survival of the southern white rhinoceros.

'We are absolutely thrilled to welcome another southern white rhinoceros calf to Dublin Zoo,'  said Helen Clarke-Bennet, team leader of the African Plains.

'The newest addition to the herd is Nyala’s first calf, which is very special and she has taken to motherhood extremely well. The calf is healthy, strong, feeding well and full of life already.'



There's nothing we loved more as children than coming up with cute and imaginative names for other people's pets, so the idea of doing it on a grander scale would have appealed to us immensely back in the day.

And following the birth of a southern white rhinoceros calf on Thursday August 25, Dublin Zoo have announced they need a hand naming the little lad, and that's where the children of Ireland come in.

Calling on our country's younger generation for assistance with this very important task, Dublin Zoo have asked for suggestions for the newest arrival which are based on his African origin.

"We are absolutely thrilled with the new arrival," said Helen Clarke-Bennet, team leader of the African Plains 

"Ashanti is an experienced mother and the birth was very relaxed. The mother and calf are bonding and will remain very close for the first year of his life," she added.

With only 20,000 of these incredible creatures left in the wild, Dublin Zoo are committed to assisting the survival of the near threatened southern white rhinoceros.

And we're committed to making sure it gets the greatest name ever,

If you know of a little person who is a dab hand at this kind of thing, then be sure to let them know that Ashanti and Chaka need some help naming their son pronto, and find out more here.


The terrifying moment a young boy was spotted inside the rhino enclosure at Dublin Zoo has been captured by social media users.

Several images show the boy in the company of an adult male – who significantly is standing outside the fence. And with the same images being shared on Twitter, many observers understandably expressed their concern.

One user who was at the zoo on Saturday said she saw the boy in the enclosure for a 'good 20 minutes'.

Asking SHEmazing not be named but confirming the incident with us, she had previously told the Irish Daily Mail: "The child didn’t look scared and nobody really passed any heed on what he was doing.

"The child stood there for a good while and the man kept letting go of his hand and telling him to move further back to pose for a picture."

Rathmines-based architect Ciarán Ferrie also spotted the ordeal, sharing two photos via his Twitter account. 

A spokesperson for the zoo said over the weekend that the "matter is being taken care of internally".

Dublin Zoo keeps several white rhinos as part of its African Plains attraction.

When the Plains initially opened in 2001, the animals – including zebra, ostriches, and giraffe – mingled together. However, after a female rhino charged at and killed a zebra in 2009, the rhinos were segregated into their own space.

At the time, a zoo official stated that the incident was an accident, but added that "there are no guarantees when you're dealing with wild animals".

Three years ago also at Dublin, a two-year-old girl was mauled by a tapir during a supervised visit to the animal’s enclosure. She was left with deep cuts on her arm and stomach and underwent surgery in Temple Street Children’s Hospital.

A decade ago, a 16-year-old girl scaled a two-metre fence to reach the Siberian tiger enclosure. She subsequently received significant injuries to her limb.

A Cincinnati Zoo in June, a three-year-old boy fell into the gorilla enclosure – resulting in the shooting dead of the ape. The boy was unharmed.

In Morocco last month, an eight-year-old girl died after she was accidently struck by a rock thrown by an elephant at Rabat Zoo.



In possibly one of the most terrifying cases of road rage, watch the shocking moment a rhino dove head first into a tourists car.

The footage was taken by another tourist in a car up front, where the rhino takes an unusual interest in the Toyota truck.

It is then seen going into a full-on sprint and ramming into the car full of scared tourists, and to be honest, if that was us we'd have a legit meltdown.

The footage was taken in Etosha National Park in Namibia, Africa, and believe us, it's super scary stuff.