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It's time to double check your johnnies.

A recall for two types of Durex condoms, Durex Real Feel – Latex-Free and Durex Latex Free Polyisoprene has been issued by the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA).

It comes after fears arose over the affected condoms potentially bursting as they come closer to the end of their shelf life. 

If you have purchased "Durex Real Feel – Latex-Free" and "Durex Latex Free Polyisoprene" condoms, please check their batch number to see if they are amongst the recall.

The batch number for the Latex Free are as follows: Durex Latex Free 12-Pack – Sku number 3014272: Batch numbers 1000444367 – expiry February 2021 and 1000433145 expires January – 2021.

As for Durex Real Feel 12-Pack: the Sku number is 3014277 –  Batch numbers 1000419930 January 2021, 1000444367 February 2021 and 1000416206 December 2020.

The HPRA is urging consumers to check the date at the bottom of the outer packaging and the brand.

You should also check the foil wrapping to see if they are amongst the recall batch.

If you are in possession of the condoms with the brands/batch numbers, the authorities have advised people to “immediately discontinue the use of the affected product” and return them to the store where they were purchased for a full refund.

The regulatory authority has cautioned that six and 18 pack boxes of the Real Feel condoms on sale in the UK could be on Irish shelves. 

The HPRA is “requesting consumers to also check the below list of batch numbers. Although the HPRA have received no confirmation to date that the following batch numbers are on the Irish market, we strongly believe these products may have reached the Irish market,” its statement warned.

The batch numbers for the UK products are Durex Real Feel six pack: 1000438054, Durex Real Feel 12 Pack: 1000444370, 1000474804. Durex Real Feel 18 Pack: 1000434066, 1000430479 and Durex Real Feel 18 Pack (RF Tag): 1000430479

Safe sex is sexy!



Tesco Ireland have issued an urgent recall on one of their own brand lines following safety concerns.

A batch of their finest* Chocolate Cake is said to contain undeclared ingredients which pose a danger to certain consumers who suffer from nut allergies or intolerances.

It is understand that one batch of the range was incorrectly packed with carrot cake which contains walnuts.

The Food Safety Authority confirmed the recall, saying: "Tesco is recalling a batch of its finest* Chocolate Cake as some of it was incorrectly packed with carrot cake."

"The carrot cake contains walnuts which are undeclared on the label.This may make the batch unsafe for consumers who are allergic to or intolerant of walnuts."

The batch in question is numbered D32/18003 and has a best before date of January 17 2018.

Tesco advises customers who have an allergy to walnuts and have purchased the affected product to return it to store where a full refund will be given. No receipt  is required.


Mars Chocolate have recalled a number of popular products across the UK and Ireland due to the possible presence of Salmonella.

The company issued the precautionary recall after it discovered that some of the ingredients used to make it's chocolate bars may have been contaminated.

The following products are effected in Ireland:

Galaxy Counters: Product code: AW99G; Batch codes: 720B1SLO00, 720C1SLO00; Best before date: 13.05.2018

Maltesers Teasers: Product code: AX46E; Batch codes: 7720C1SLO00,720D2SLO00; Best before date: 13.05.2018

A spokesperson for the confectionery company said, “Through our routine testing, we have detected the potential presence of Salmonella from the ingredients used to make our chocolate.”

“As a precaution, we are voluntarily recalling certain GALAXY® Smooth Milk Chocolate bars, GALAXY® MINSTRELS® and GALAXY® COUNTERS® and TEASERS® bars.”

“We are working closely with the relevant food safety authorities and our customers to ensure that the affected products are no longer available for purchase.”

“If you have one of the products listed above, you should not eat it. Please keep the product and contact our Consumer Care team to arrange return and reimbursement.”

Consumers who may have purchased these products are urged to get in touch with customer care at 1890 812 315 or on www.mars.ie/contact.


Bad news for The Happy Pear pesto lovers!

The Happy Pear has been forced to recall five different batches of their Lovely Basil Pesto after a mislabeling issue

The Irish company are taking a precautionary measure to recall the products as they may pose a health risk to those with an egg allergy. 


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"We can confirm that a voluntary recall of The Happy Pear Lovely Basil Pesto has been initiated because a very small number of tubs have been incorrectly labelled," reads a statement on The Happy Pear website.

The product has been withdrawn from sale because it contains a trace amount of egg and may be a possible health risk for anyone with an allergy or intolerance to egg."

"The product is perfectly safe for all other consumers."

So unless you have an egg allergy, the pesto should be good to eat.

The incorrectly labelled pots are from batches labelled 7030, 7033, 7037, 7039, 7044.

Anyone with an egg intolerance who has purchased one of the tubs is asked to refrain from eating it and return it to the store from which it was purchased. 



Boots has recalled one of its very popular skin care items due to an outbreak of skin reactions.

Botanics All Bright cleansers in 250ml bottles have been removed from the shelves and the retailer is asking you to stop use immediately.

Boots released a statement on its website, saying: "We have recently discovered that a batch of Botanics All Bright Cleanser 250ml (batch 1H) does not meet our stringent quality standards and in rare cases may cause a localised skin reaction.

"As a precautionary measure we are recalling this batch of product and ask you to stop using it and return the product to your nearest Boots store where you'll receive an exchange, alternative product or a refund.

"The batch code number can be found on the base of the product." The recall number is 01005441.

If you need any advice or have any concerns, you can ring Boots on (+44) 800 509 115.



Following multiple reports that Galaxy Note 7 phones have caught fire or exploded in recent weeks, Samsung, who have sold more than one million Note 7 smartphones in 10 countries so far including South Korea and the US, have made the decision to issue a worldwide recall.

Suspending sales of the smartphone, the company's president, Koh Dong-jin, has confirmed that an investigation carried out by the company discovered that a particular battery cell was causing the sudden fires.

Acknowledging the 35 confirmed cases, Koh said: "We have received several reports of battery explosion on the Note 7 that was officially launched on 19 August, and it has been confirmed that it was a battery cell problem."

Expressing regret over the incidents, he advised the public that anyone who has purchased a Note 7 will be entitled to swap it for a new smartphone regardless of the purchase date.

"For customers who already have Galaxy Note 7 devices, we will voluntarily replace their current device with a new one over the coming week," a spokesperson for the company confirmed.

It has been established that Samsung – a south Korean company – would require two weeks to prepare replacement devices for the faulty phones, and the planned release for the model in several European countries has now been suspended.

Customers affected in Ireland can contact 01 6950367 to arrange a replacement over the coming weeks.


Have you ever looked at the back of a packet of nuts and thought is it really necessary to state that the product does indeed contain nuts?  Well apparently it’s super important to acknowledge the obvious as not doing so can land retailers in a very award situation.

German retail giant Lidl is taking its own brand of fruit yoghurts and honey peanuts off its shelves because it forgot to state that the products may contain milk and nuts on the products’ packaging.

According to the Irish Independent, Lidl Ireland has released a statement saying: “Lidl Ireland is withdrawing the above batch of Alesto Cacahuetes/Amendoim, as the label and ingredients list are not in English.”

“The product contains peanuts and may also contain other nuts. This batch may be a risk to consumers who are allergic to or intolerant of peanut or its constituents.”

The Telegraph has also reported that the company is recalling its Milbona Fruit Yoghurts in the UK because yoghurt does indeed contain milk, but again the product packaging does not state that fact.

So if you are allergic to milk or nuts be sure to check if your yoghurts and peanuts contain those ingredients before consuming them.



If you bought a box of Tesco bran flakes recently – you should probably return them: the supermarket giant is now warning that some packs may contain small pieces of plastic "due a production fault".

It's just the 1kg size that is under scrutiny: the batch codes to look out for are 52320953, 52320953A, 52330953, and 52340953. They'll all also have a best before date of May 2016 on them.

The Food Safety Authority Of Ireland warns today: Tesco Ireland is recalling the above batches of Tesco Bran Flakes, as a small number of packets may contain plastic fragments. 

"No other products are affected by this recall.

"Tesco Ireland is issuing in-store recall notices requesting customers who have bought these implicated batches to return them to a Tesco store."

The cereal is all made and packaged in the UK. 

"If you have bought this product," Tesco says. "Do not eat it. Instead, return it to your nearest Tesco store for a full refund."

For more information, see fsia.ie.