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Back for the third year in a row, Dublin Podcast Festival is returning with headliner shows and live podcasts across multiple venues this November.

The festival have announced a string of headliners in the line-up and the anticipation is seriously building.

The podcast event will feature international and homegrown talent, covering everything from crime, comedy, literature and history for live audiences.


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The legendary Guilty Feminist is set to land at Vicar Street once again on November 6. With over 35 million downloads under their belt, host Deborah Frances-White and a special guest are set to light up the stage.

They're scheduled to chat about noble goals as 21st century feminists, and the paradoxes and insecurities which undermine them. If you were lucky enough to catch them in Ireland last time, you'll be a superfan by now.

The UK's number one LGBTQ+ podcast is landing with a bang, and it's possibly the show we're the most excited about.


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A Gay and a NonGay is coming to the Sugar Club on November 10, with BFFs James Barr and Dan Hudson covering the differences between LGBTQ+ and NonGay people to life on stage in a ridiculously simple but gas premise.

Comedy duo The 2 Johnnies return with their biggest live show yet after a sold-out event at the Vodafone Comedy Festival. The pair have been number one on Ireland's podcast charts every week for 80 weeks.

They're performing at Vicar Street on November 14, with serious topics such as riding, Gaelic games and parish news to cover.


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IT GALZ LIVE! have continued to sell out live shows throughout Ireland since their debut at last year’s podcast festival, and their success story is continuing in 2019.

The hilarious cultural commentary by Jenny Claffey and Lindsay Hamilton will reach new heights as the gals are hosting their biggest headline show yet; Vicar Street on November 16.

The topics range from pop culture to women's rights, through a mainly satirical lens, but you're bound to get a good laugh from them.


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Ireland's favourite podcaster and number one bestselling author, BlindBoy, is set to return for two nights in Vicar Street on November 19 and 24.

BlindBoy will be here for a third consecutive year, and is set to celebrate International Men's Day with a special live show. 

The personality speaks wise words on indoctrinate mental health issues but makes sure to reach further into a wide spectrum of current topics, may it be gun laws, feminism, racism or history.


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The Dollop will arrive at Liberty Hall on November 21, bringing US history to the stage with comedian hosts Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds.

History buff Dave decided to turn his hobby into a podcast. Each episode he reads one strange and disturbing story from the American past to Gareth, who is clueless about the tales.

Gareth's hilarious reactions are why The Dollop is in the top 20 downloaded comedy podcasts in the US, Canada, and Australia.


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My Favourite Murder will host a live show in the Bord Gais Energy Theatre on November 24 and 25, but limited tickets remain for the second show so act fast.

Debuting number one on The New York Times Best Sellers List, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark host a brilliant true crime podcast that you're bound to become addicted to.

Aside from being avid true crime enthusiasts, Karen is a stand-up comedian and television writer and Georgia is a writer and host for the Cooking Channel.


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The popularity of podcasts has skyrocketed in recent years, for both their entertainment factor and educational abilities.

The Dublin Podcast Festival will celebrate the world of podcast and intends on connecting fans with those who create them.

Your earphones won't be necessary this November, we highly recommend seeing a live performance. Tickets for the events will go on sale from Ticketmaster.ie on Monday, August 12 at 10am.

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It Galz killed it during last month’s show at the Tivoli theatre, selling out the place and bringing down the house.

Our favourite female podcasters recorded a live show discussing one of their iconic, empowering messages.

The hosts, Jenny Claffey and Lindsay Hamilton, use their own experiences to illustrate life as a woman in this country.

And now, due to popular demand, they have announced another upcoming show.

They will be performing live at The Sugar Club in Dublin on December 5th.

No topics are off limits for the dynamic duo, discussing all things girl from period problems to the repeal movement.

The podcasters are refreshingly real in their talks, and we love it!

You can also gear up for the show with some merch by shopping their new online store here.

The ‘Not Arsed’ coffee cup perfectly describes morning moods.


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Tickets are €20 and go on sale this Friday October 19th at 10am and can be purchased here. So make sure to queue up online with your credit card in hand.

It will definitely be one you won’t want to miss!


Dublin Podcast Festival is back by popular demand and it's right up our street.

Running from 26th September 17th October, our fair city will play host to live podcasts, workshops and headliner shows with some very cool acts across multiple venues.  

Luckily for us, one of our favourite female-led podcasts it taking centre stage at the Tivoli Theatre as part of the festival. 


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It Galz hosts Jenny Claffey and Lindsay Hamilton will be recording a live version of their podcast, and we'll be sitting front row (Outcider in hand). 

Their show will be held on Saturday, September 29. 

Free flowing and far from contrived, the galz, who are best friends IRL, use their own experiences to illustrate life as a woman in this country.


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From Repeal to Bloggers Unveiled to vaginal discharge, there are no off-limits topics. 

It's high time Ireland had more women taking to the podcast podium to express themselves and project the feelings of their fellow females, and Jenny and Lindsay are doing exactly that. 

While their own personal brand of feminism may be outside the prescribed norm, and at times, controversial, the pair debate and divulge in the most relatable way.

If you fancy seeing the gals in action, tickets are going for €18.00 here

Find them on SpotifyiTunes, and Soundcloud


There is a podcast for everything these days, but it's not too often that an independent, niche show climbs the iTunes charts or takes the top spot.

However, in the case of feminist podcast It Galz, dominating the charts is a regular occurrence. 

Run by two fine-ass feminists Jenny Claffey and Lindsay Hamilton, the women are bringing real talk and relevant listening experiences to our ears in hour long segments.

It Galz is an engaging endeavour, chipping away at the veneer of how we usually view women, be that through a prescribed interview or Instagram filter, and delving into the modern, Irish female experience.


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Free flowing and far from contrived, the galz, who are best friends IRL, use their own experiences to illustrate life as a woman in this country.

While their experiences are eclectic and Dublin-centric, the duo eloquently describe relatable concepts through their personal stories, and voice opinions that reflect those of the majority.

The episodes are peppered with 'she just said exactly what I've always thought!' moments, as the fierce and hilarious women explore themes such as female friendships, dating in Dublin and social media influencers, saying the things most people have never felt they could vocalise (but have always thought) about our society. 


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Exposing intimate details about their personal lives, the galz reflect on relationships, life lessons and house parties past.

In one of my personal favourite podcasts, Is Beauty Blogging Dead, the ladies unapologetically dissect the Irish blogging industry, and describe issues with the phenomenon in better terminology than most Gucci-belt wearing, skinny tea sipping influencers could themselves. 

'When the whole influencer thing really exploded we definitely noticed a gap in the market for ‘real talk’, Lindsay told The Daily Edge.

'That’s when I think we started to see our conversations as important and that they could help the women of Ireland today who are being fed so much false content.'


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Evidently opposed to the idea of creating inauthentic content, the girls seem to naturally have the knack for conceptualising relevant topics for their series, with episodes like Gal Palz which discusses the intricacies of female friendship, and Dating Talez, which ventures into the murky waters of dick pics and male entitlement. 

Though the podcast is a laugh a minute, the integral elements of educating women on their rights and reminding girls that there are fierce woman in this country who are young, edgy and not afraid to speak their minds are there. 

Also, if you're looking for a new page to follow, their Instagram is a gas bundle of 90s and 00s nostalgia throwbacks that are giving us life at the moment.

Fine-ass feminists is definitely the correct adjective to describe these women, and they encourage their listeners to embrace the term too. 

Ultimately, this new podcast has to be one of the most engaging, relevant and authentic on the Irish market right now, and if the feedback on their current episodes is anything to go by, the pair are set to go from strength to strength. 

It's high time Ireland had more women taking to the podcast podium to express themselves and project the feelings of their fellow females, and Jenny and Lindsay are doing exactly that. 

Find them on Spotify, iTunes, and Soundcloud