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Catfish star Nev Schulman is a total heartthrob, and we can't get over what an adorable husband he is.

In a recent Instagram post, the dad penned a heartfelt, belated birthday message to his wife Laura Perlongo.

Nev shared a fantastic photo of Laura in which he is presenting her a huge birthday cake full of lit candles.

A huge smile is spread across her face as she looks into her thoughtful husband’s eyes.


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Nev labelled the cake as “an offering to the goddess of light and laughter”.

“My sun and moon, my sweetness and my spice. I love every moment we spend together,” he gushed.

“Yesterday may have been your birthday, but you deserve to be celebrated every day. Thank you for taking this wild ride with me and making our lives whole.”

The darling dad truly treasures his wife and appreciates everything she has accomplished in life.


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The lovebirds recently announced that they are expecting their second child with a cleverly classic photo of a bun in an oven.


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Their baby boy is to arrive in January and will be the perfect addition to their growing family. Nev and Laura’s daughter Cleo can’t wait to be a big sister.


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As magical as her husband made her birthday, It looks like the expectant mum will have an even better Christmas. The family will be getting the most precious present this holiday season.

The Catfish host continues to support and cherish his loving wife with each opportunity he gets, and it is amazing to see them so happy together.


Huge congratulations are in order for Catfish’s Nev Schulman and his wife Laura Perlongo who are expecting baby number two.

The couple shared the joyous news yesterday evening by posting individual snaps on their Instagram accounts.


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They enlisted the help of their 21-month-old daughter Cleo James to share the news. It’s safe to say she’ll be the best big sister.

Nev revealed the news by sharing a witty snap of his family looking at a bun in the oven.

He wrote: “WE GOT A BUN IN THE OVEN! see you in January lil’ guy,” alongside the photo.


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The dad also revealed that Laura is expecting a baby boy. How exciting!

Fans quickly congratulated the presenter: “Congratulations. I am so happy for you. Wonderful news.”

“Omg! That's great! I'm due in January too!” another shared.


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“Aww congratulations guys. Such a beautiful family! Wish you all the best,” one gushed.

Laura also posted her own photo to confirm the pregnancy news. The soon-to-be mum-of-two shared a snap of her and Nev looking nervously at Cleo as she cried.

“Cleo is getting a baby brother! It’s gonna be great!” the writer joked.


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Nev and Laura welcomed their first child- a daughter called Cleo- in October 2016.

The Catfish host gushed about their new arrival: “Best. Thing. Ever. Cleo James arrived at 6.01am weighing 6lbs 10oz. Shout-out to my baby mama for delivering this bundle of joy.”

We are delighted for the family. 2019 is going to be quite the special year for them.


Catfish has been entertaining the masses on MTV for seven years, and introduced the concept of online deception to cultural awareness. 

Hosts Nev Schulman and Max Joseph have united lovers and haters as a dream team since the show started, but it's now time for Max to move on.

In an online statement, the We Are Your Friends film maker said that it is his time to leave the show, citing work commitments. 

'Hey guys, the time has come, sadly, for me to move on from Catfish. Working on this show for the last seven years has been one of the most meaningful experiences of my life,' Max wrote in a statement. 

'I’ve learned a lot about myself, my country and human nature in general. Nev and I have become brothers and our bromance has blossomed before your eyes.' 

'For a while now I have been straddling two careers as TV host and filmmaker and, while this level of busy-ness is a dream come true, my life can no longer sustain it.'


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'With Catfish still going strong after 7 seasons, 115 episodes, 31 specials and showing no sign of slowing down, I feel it is finally the time for me to make my exit.'

'Although I have a heavy heart, I am also excited for everything that’s to come for myself, for Nev, for our crew and for the show. Thank you for watching, thank you for the love and for the memes.'

There's no word yet on who will replace Max – maybe whoever revealed Bloggers Unveiled would be up for the job? 



Catfish has been on our TV screens since 2012, with host Nev Schulman becoming a household name as he helped online loves find one another. 

The 33-year-old executive producer is being investigated for allegations of sexual misconduct against a hopeful featured on the show, reports The Daily Beast.

Ayissha Morgan, who was on Catfish in 2015, uploaded a video to her YouTube channel alleging that Nev, who she used the pseudonym Jack for during the video, made sexual advances to her during filming. 


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Morgan alleges that Schulman requested her hotel room number, and asked to spend time with her in the hotel jacuzzi. 

Calling his alleged behaviour 'perverted,' Morgan, who identifies as a lesbian, claims that he undermined her sexuality, asked her inappropriate questions about her sex life and informed her about the size of his genitals. 

She claims that he told her he would 'tear her ass up' and that she needed to 'reevaluate' her sexuality by sleeping with him. 

In the video, she said that he asked her to cuddle with him in her hotel room. 


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Schulman has released a statement regarding the allegations.

'The behaviour described in this video did not happen and I'm fortunate that there are a number of former colleagues who were present during this time period who are willing to speak up with the truth.'

'I have always been transparent about my life and would always take responsibility for my actions – but these claims are false.'

Morgan created a second YouTube video, in which she claimed that a female crew member took advantage of her sexually.

Giving the crew member the name 'Carol,' Morgan claims that she was sexually assaulted by 'Carol' in a hotel room after the crew member gave her alcohol to consume. 

Morgan said that she felt violated and upset by the encounter, and that the next morning, it seemed like the entire crew knew what had happened but did not support her. 

She goes on to claim that Schulman asked her to perform the same sexual acts on him as she allegedly had with 'Carol,' and asked her for details of the alleged assault. 

She alleges he then lay down on a bed and grabbed her arm. At this point, Morgan says she was able to remove herself from the room.  

'We take these allegations very seriously,' an MTV spokesperson said in a statement to Fortune

'We’re working with Critical Content, our third party production company, to conduct a thorough investigation, and we’ve put a pause on shooting until the investigation is completed.'


Nev Schulman is certainly smitten over his little baby girl.

It has been less than a week since Nev welcomed his daughter into the world with his fiancée Laura Perlongo.


A photo posted by Nev Schulman (@nevschulman) on

And the first-time-dad is already taking to social media to show off his gorgeous tot.

Nev took to Instagram to share a picture of Cleo's hand wrapped around his finger, and captioned it with a bunch of heart-face emojis.


A photo posted by Nev Schulman (@nevschulman) on

How cute is Cleo James sleeping?! What a gorgeous picture.

We can't wait to see more adorable pics.



Congrats are in order for Nev Schuman – he's just welcomed a little baby girl.

Nev and his fiancée Laura Perlongo welcomed their baby girl, Cleo James, into the world on Friday.

The proud parents took to Instagram to share the great news. 

Laura shared a photo of her breastfeeding and wrote: "I don't remember this photo being taken or anything about the last 24 hours but bb girl has finally arrived."

"Completely enamored with 6lb 10oz Cleo James born this morning at 6:01. She's everything."

Nev later took to social media to share a picture of him holding his new daughter and wrote: "Best. Thing. Ever. Cleo James arrived at 6:01am weighing 6lbs 10oz. Shout out to my baby mama @el_peego for delivering this bundle of joy."

We're delighted for the new parents!


It has been only a few weeks since Nev Schulman announced that he and his girlfriend were having a baby together.

And now, the Catfish creator has popped the question to his lovely girlfriend, Laura Perlongo.

Nev revealed that he and Laura are getting married in a series of cute Snapchats where he showed off Laura's VERY large engagement ring.

The couple were on a date night – in a bowling alley, no less – when Nev got down on one knee.

He was snapping throughout the night, with pictures of him cuddling up to his fiancé, pictures of the ring, and pictures of them bowling.

We're delighted for them. Congratulations!