Did you call in sick today? You’re not the only one!

If you decided you just couldn't face work today, don't feel too bad as it turns out you're one of many!

The first Monday of February is the most common day of the year for employees to call in sick, with a spike in the number of sick leave days taken on this day than any other time of year.

Bad weather is the most common reason behind people's decisions to call in "sick"… yup, a duvet day sounded pretty good to us this morning.

Colds and flu were the second most common reason, and a hangover after Friday's January payday is of course high up on the list too.

It's believed many dissatisfied employees take days off in early February to attend job interviews, after realising over the Christmas break that it was high time for a change.

As for the rest of the year, Fridays and Mondays are the days we're most likely to pull a sickie (three-day weekend!), while Tuesday is the least appealing.

So, did you call in sick today? While of course we'd never condone it, we'll let you off today!