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There's nothing better than munching on a Big Mac when you're hungover. Or when it's your cheat day… or when you're just not bothered cooking.

Either way, it's a pretty juicy meal no matter when or where you have it. And now, you can wear the delicious burger on your T-shirt.

Yep, McDonald's has released a Big Mac clothing collection, and while we admit we were pretty confused to begin with, we're actually totally into the capsule line.

The Big Mac merch will be on sale on the Japanese site Rakuten, but don't fret because they ship internationally so you'll be able to get your hands on these items.

You'll have to act fast though, as there's only 300 of each item available.


Rejoice! The McMór burger is making a comeback to McDonald's.

McDonald's Ireland confirmed the news today that the totally Irish burger is making its way back due to popular demand, however it will only be available for a limited amount of time.

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Rolling out nationwide tomorrow, you will be able to enjoy the juicy feed for six weeks only.

The McMór is the fast food chain's first locally sourced burger in Ireland, and is made up of 100 per cent Irish beef, bacon from Dawn Meats and Dew Valley, Charleville Cheddar cheese and Ballymaloe Relish.

We can't wait to sink of teeth into this delish meal again.


Oh, McDonald's. How did you get it so wrong?

As Paddy's Day is fast approaching, so is the release of the Maccy D's Shamrock Shake.

But, its new ad campaign basically has absolutely nothing to do with Ireland.

The video was released on Twitter and shows a man playing the Shamrock Shake as if he was playing on bagpipes.

Bagpipes are Scottish.

Then, Stonehenge appears on screen.

Stonehenge is in England.

Of course, there was outcry from Irish fans the minute it went up, and some of the backlash is brilliant:


McFlurries are the delicious, creamy desserts that top off every Maccy D's meal.

It just wouldn't be the same without them. But, lately it seems like the McFlurry machines are always out of order.

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Well, it looks like McDonald's are going to change that pretty soon by installing new machines all over Europe and the US.

There has been no confirmation that the new machines will produce the McFlurries that we all know and love, but the Wall Street Journal is claiming that the machines will produce way more flavours than before.

No set date for machine removal has been set yet, but knowing McDonald's it'll be happening soon.


Are you ever sitting at home in your PJs at night and just think, 'God, I'd love some curly fries right now'?

Yep, us too. And while we have so many restaurants that deliver to choose from, sometimes nothing beats good 'oul Maccy D's.

Well, it looks like the fast food chain could soon be coming to a front door near you!

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According to The Telegraph, McDonald's wants to roll out delivery services in a number of leading markets, and our fingers are crossed that one of those markets is Ireland.

The company said in a statement: "One of the most significant disruptions in the restaurant business today is the rapid increase in delivery. Through technology, delivery has changed the way customers order, pay, track and receive food and provide feedback.

"Coupled with the explosive growth in third-party delivery companies, the landscape has created an exceptional opportunity for growth."

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The delivery service was first rolled out in China and in only one year, the business has grown 30 per cent because of it.

There's no mention of when this service could possibly be rolled out, but we're hoping it'll be soon enough.


Let's be fair – we're the creators of the Shamrock Shake… well, McDonald's is, but Saint Paddy is our saint, after all.

And each year, to celebrate St Patrick's Day, the fast food chain whips up the infamous milkshakes to delight us all.

Image result for shamrock shake mcdonalds

Even though it's just a beverage, the anticipation for it to hit the restaurant is pretty high – but this year it's going to be even better.

Yep, instead of just the one shake (that's so last year), Maccy D's is coming out with four new flavours, and we're already looking forward to tasting them.

According to Brand Eating, the new flavours are going to be chocolate, frappe, hot chocolate and mocha.

Image result for shamrock shake

The frappe version features a chocolate chip frappe blended with the Shamrock Shake syrup, and the same whipped cream and chocolate syrup topping.

Now you can't beat that.


Praise the biscuit gods, because McDonald's have created a full-on OREO MENU!

For a limited time, the fast-food chain is introducing new products to the McCafé menu, made with Oreos.

Of course, all good things in life come with a catch… so it should come as no surprise to learn that there is one here. 

This special Oreo menu will only be present in Hong Kong, for a limited time… so get booking those flights. 

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The menu includes an Oreo tiramisu and chocolate cheese tart, an Oreo tiramisu latte, and an Oreoccino in both hot and iced varieties. 



A video posted by HK foodieince May 2016(@checkeatsout) on


BRB, we're going to Hong Kong.


We're all partial to a cheeky McDonald's every now and again, but this woman's meal ended up costing her nearly €460 (£400), and a day in court (which took eight months to organise).

Katie Ritchie was going about her business when she decided to get a take-away medium meal from her local Maccy D's.

Image result for mcdonalds take away bag

But, when she was leaving the restaurant, the 31-year-old dumped her paper take-away bag in the alleyway.

According to the Gazette Live, Katie, from Yorkshire in the UK, dumped the bag near her home, and she was only caught because she accidently threw out a piece of paper with her address on it as well.

Image result for mcdonalds take away bag

It was discovered in the alleyway on May 17, 2016, but it took eight months for a court date to be assigned to her.

Katie ended up being a no-show at her hearing at the start of this month, but she was still convicted and fined £220 (€254) for dropping the bag. And on top of that, she had to pay a further £175 (€202) to her council for the trouble caused.

Note: never drop your McDonald's bag. Ever.

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It could be time to take our Big Mac addition to the next level, ladies!

We've said it for years, and now it may finally be happening. McDonald's DELIVERY.

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According to USA Today, McDonalds have announced plans to start testing out a delivery service.

Obviously, like everything else with Maccy D's, the delivery service will first be rolled out in the US, and if successful, it will continue onto the rest of the world (so, let's hope the US are on board with it).

But can you imagine how handy that would be?! The late night munchies never sounded so good.


We love the festive treats that flood menus in fast food chains at this time of year, and we all know that McDonald's rarely disappoints with its Christmas menu.

From the Festive Cheese Feast to the Spicy Chicken Winter Melt, this is probably one of the best times of year for the chain.

Well, it has just debuted crispy waffle fries to some locations… BUT, the only locations are in Canada.

Waffle Fries

Yep, the whole world is totally reeling that no waffle goodness will be coming our way, but we have to say, they look so good and crispy.

Many flocked to Twitter to praise the new menu item:

While others lamented that they'll never taste the crispy loveliness:

Let's just hope they get rolled out world wide next year!


Imagine having FREE McDonald's for the rest of your life?

You could have all the Big Macs, McNuggets and McFlurries you wanted. It seems like a nice dream, but in fact, the McDonald's gold card is practically impossible to get your hands on.

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The card, which gives you access to free food, is only given to elite members of society – like Bill Gates and Rob Low who both have one over in the US.

Very few normal folk are able to get hold of one, except for one man, who was just about to eat a Big Mac when he saw a woman about to be kidnapped.

Related image

He rushed to her rescue, and because he had to leave his burger behind, McDonald's gave him the coveted card which entitled him to free McDonald's at all locations for a year and unlimited McDonald's for the rest of his life in his hometown of Ohio.

However, according to Mirror Online, nobody in the UK has one, so chances of someone in Ireland having one are slim… unless you're Bono. He probably has one…


Just days after McDonalds announced they would be adding a Nutella burger to their menu, the folk behind Ronald’s everlasting smile have gone one further.

In addition to your standard McDonald’s staples, Irish customers will now have the opportunity to tuck into the Signature Collection which was created by the company’s team of food specialists and its prestigious Chefs’ Council.

The premium range, which features a thick cut burger served on a brioche bun comes in three flavours– Classic, Spicy and BBQ – and is the result of  experience harnessed from Michelin-starred restaurants and the company’s own supplier network… if you don’t mind.

And while yes, the notions know no bounds, we’d be lying if we said weren’t intrigued.

Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, your Signature Collection burger will be hand delivered if you opt to make use of the chain’s new Table Service feature.

That’s right ladies, you can now get your munch dropped to your table if joining the queue isn’t doing it for you.

What a time to be alive!