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Belle Gibson rose to online fame in the wave of fitness and wellness bloggers giving lifestyle advice in the early 2010s.

The wellness influencer amassed the reach of millions thanks to her big claims – that she had treated her terminal cancer through her diet. 

The blogger claimed she had healed her brain cancer with wholefoods, a complete con. 

The blogger then released her own lifestyle and cookery book The Whole Pantry, which was hotly anticipated. 

Then, the media and those around Belle began questioning the validity of her cancer diagnosis, and the lies became apparent. 

Belle had told the world that she was alive four years after being told her terminal brain cancer gave her months to live, and the food had saved her. 

The food you could learn all about in her book, no doubt. 

Belle admitted that she did not have cancer to The Weekly, saying: 'No. None of it’s true'

'I don't want forgiveness. Above anything, I would like people to say, okay, she's human,' she told the mag

The blogger made quite a lucrative profit from her book and the app she released of the same name, and claimed to be donating some profits to charity. 

A ruling has now come from the Australian Federal Court this week, announcing that Belle will be fined for her crimes of 'unconscionable conduct under Australian consumer law.' 

The exact figure she will need to repay has been set at $410,000 Australian dollars, or €273,000. 


We're all partial to a cheeky McDonald's every now and again, but this woman's meal ended up costing her nearly €460 (£400), and a day in court (which took eight months to organise).

Katie Ritchie was going about her business when she decided to get a take-away medium meal from her local Maccy D's.

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But, when she was leaving the restaurant, the 31-year-old dumped her paper take-away bag in the alleyway.

According to the Gazette Live, Katie, from Yorkshire in the UK, dumped the bag near her home, and she was only caught because she accidently threw out a piece of paper with her address on it as well.

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It was discovered in the alleyway on May 17, 2016, but it took eight months for a court date to be assigned to her.

Katie ended up being a no-show at her hearing at the start of this month, but she was still convicted and fined £220 (€254) for dropping the bag. And on top of that, she had to pay a further £175 (€202) to her council for the trouble caused.

Note: never drop your McDonald's bag. Ever.

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