A court date and €460 later: This McDonald’s bag caused major stress

We're all partial to a cheeky McDonald's every now and again, but this woman's meal ended up costing her nearly €460 (£400), and a day in court (which took eight months to organise).

Katie Ritchie was going about her business when she decided to get a take-away medium meal from her local Maccy D's.

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But, when she was leaving the restaurant, the 31-year-old dumped her paper take-away bag in the alleyway.

According to the Gazette Live, Katie, from Yorkshire in the UK, dumped the bag near her home, and she was only caught because she accidently threw out a piece of paper with her address on it as well.

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It was discovered in the alleyway on May 17, 2016, but it took eight months for a court date to be assigned to her.

Katie ended up being a no-show at her hearing at the start of this month, but she was still convicted and fined £220 (€254) for dropping the bag. And on top of that, she had to pay a further £175 (€202) to her council for the trouble caused.

Note: never drop your McDonald's bag. Ever.

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