Imagine having FREE McDonald's for the rest of your life?

You could have all the Big Macs, McNuggets and McFlurries you wanted. It seems like a nice dream, but in fact, the McDonald's gold card is practically impossible to get your hands on.

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The card, which gives you access to free food, is only given to elite members of society – like Bill Gates and Rob Low who both have one over in the US.

Very few normal folk are able to get hold of one, except for one man, who was just about to eat a Big Mac when he saw a woman about to be kidnapped.

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He rushed to her rescue, and because he had to leave his burger behind, McDonald's gave him the coveted card which entitled him to free McDonald's at all locations for a year and unlimited McDonald's for the rest of his life in his hometown of Ohio.

However, according to Mirror Online, nobody in the UK has one, so chances of someone in Ireland having one are slim… unless you're Bono. He probably has one…