The 8 best tricks to fix your eye liner when it ends up a hot mess

When applied correctly, eyeliner can give your eyes definition, and draws attention to the one of the most important parts of your face.

However, when applied badly your eyeliner can become your nemesis. It doesn't have to be that way though. You too can have a beautiful relationship with your eyeliner and ensure your smize is forever on point.

Celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta, told Cosmo why our liner can sometimes just look downright tragic and how to make sure you always look your finest.

1. You're lining your eyes with a dull liner rather than a sharp one.

2. Your liner is transferring onto your eyelid. 

Patience, basically you if you use liquid liner you need to make it has dried properly to avoid smudges.

3. Your liner is thicker on one side.

Ta suggests starting out with thin lines. If it ends up being thicker on one side, you can build the other one up to match.

4. You're lining your lower lid with liquid liner. 

This is just a no-no because it's too wet and bold.

5. You're curling your lashes after you've already applied your liner. 

This can smudge your liner.

6. You're not removing all your eye makeup properly.

Which means you're not starting on a blank canvas when you next apply your makeup.

7. You have small eyes and you're lining your entire eye. 

Really, nobody wants to try and make this a trend do they? Doing this can  make them look even smaller.

8. Your liner travels down your face a few hours after you've applied it.

Ta's advice: Line your lower lash line with a waterproof pencil, then top it with black shadow to fix it in place. Finally, apply a translucent powder under your eye to create a barrier.