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It is winter – there is no escaping that now that we're into November. 

And while that means good news like cosy jumpers and mugs of hot choc, it also means slightly shittier news for people with dry skin.

It is the bane of our lives when the temperatures dip and our sensitive skin is exposed to the rain, hail and sleet etc. that an Irish winter comprises of. 

So what can you do to help yourself?  

Read on to gain some tips and tricks to treat flaky skin as the weather changes – you're welcome in advance.  

First things first, there are a few miracle products that will help your skin to survive the colder months – people with dehydrated skin, meet your new BFF in Derm Acte moisturising serum. 

This refreshing serum moisturises even the most parched skin. Slap it on in the morning and/or evening, on cleansed skin. It's priced at 69 quid but worth every cent 

Is your skin irritated by various aggressions like the freezing cold Irish weather? Then you gotta try Derm Acte moisturising cream. It helps restore the hydrolipidic film, ensures efficient and long-lasting hydration. 

Who doesn't love an intense hydration mask? Yonka Masque Intense Hydration repairing is a gel-cream mask that provides immediate, time-released, deep hydration: +54% after 1 hour and +96% after 8 hours It is ideal for sensitive or super irritated skin, whether dry or oily.

Also by the same fab brand is a phyto-aromatic healing water – Yonka Dry Skin Toner. It's more than just a toner though, it is a healing mist that refreshes, tones and sanitises the skin. Amaaaazinng. 

There are so any ways to protect your skin against the elements of winter – even things like prepping your home. Think of it like this – the drier the air, the drier your skin.

So why not invest in a humidifier to increase the moisture level in the air? 

Also, don't forget to buff your skin because dry skin won't f*ck off without some exfoliation first – and it means that the moisturisers and serums will work better then.

And last but not least, your diet will always contribute to the state that your skin is in. Walnuts, olive oil and avocados are all unreal for your skin whereas booze and caffeine are not so much.

And dry skin sufferers do drink TONS of water and good luck – it'll be spring before you know it. 


From her Spanx and her lip fillers to her push-up bra tricks, Kylie Jenner's really been letting fans in on her style and beauty secrets of late.

And while we probably won't start wearing bleached green wigs anytime soon, there is one glamour hack that we can definitely get on board with.

In a new video posted to her app last night, Kylie gives her assistant Jessica a Jenner-style makeover, with the help of her bestie Anastasia Karanikolaou.

Her first step? Applying moisturiser.

Nothing too revolutionary there, but the method of application certainly got us thinking.

The 18-year-old uses a large oval make-up brush to evenly apply the facial cream, saying, "Tell me this doesn't feel amazing" as she gently massages it in.

Using a brush not only ensures the moisturiser gets even coverage, it also allows the product to penetrate without it having to be rubbed in using fingers.

The result? Less risk of bacteria and an all-round easier beauty routine.

Kylie's tool of choice, the Artis Oval Make-Up Brush, retails at the €65-70 mark and is available online, or at Space NK branches in Ireland. 

Usually used for applying powder or highlighter, it has soft man-made fibres that allow for easier blending. The brushes come in different sizes, from small eyeshadow/concealer ones to the larger brush Kylie uses.

If you're not keen to drop that kind of cash, you can also apply your moisturiser with a regular foundation brush – just be sure to keep it separate from your usual make-up kit and to clean it regularly.

Vintage Cosmetic Foundation Brush, €15, Boots

This is definitely one trick we'll be trying out.