JK Rowling is asking Irish people to help this guy find his lost PHD


Jamal Sul was having a mad night out in Dublin to celebrate the end of his thesis, as you do.

Unfortunately, Jamal was a bit dozy in the taxi on the way home, so much so that he forgot his laptop in the cab.

This would be pretty awful enough for anyone, but it was extra problematic for Jamal, whose entire catalogue of PHD files resides on his missing laptop. 

Dubliners have been sharing Jamal's public plea for help all afternoon, but the search is about to go viral thanks to the help of one very well known author.

JK Rowling took to Twitter to share Jamal's plight., saying 'One of my worst nightmares has happened to this poor man. RT to help!' 

The tweet from JK's page has already been retweeted almost 4,000 times, so hopefully Jamal gets his laptop returned to him ASAP. 

We'll be on the look out for that navy blue taxi!