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Ok, some of this is old news – most of us will know that Leo was given the Best Actor Oscar that Marlon Brando won for his role in 1954’s On the Waterfront.

In 2017, Leo gave it back – but we're only finding out why now.

The story resurfaced in the New York Times about financier Jho Low, who is tangled in a criminal investigation – and the same guy  who originally gave Leo the Oscar a a pressie.

According to the Times, Low along with people like Malaysia’s ex-prime minister Najib Razak, allegedly used billions of dollars from a Malaysian government-run an investment fund.

Hmmm, sounds dodgy. 

Leo isn't the only one who has to give back – other celebs like Miranda Kerr had to give up a grand piano, and a Pablo Picasso painting.

The statement in 2017 said, ''This effort was to determine if there were any gifts or charitable donations originating from the parties named in the civil complaint, and to offer the return of any such gifts or donations with the aid and instruction of the government.''

The returned Oscar is now in a federal warehouse in Texas and we're a bit gutted for Leo tbh – he hasn't got much luck with Oscars, has he? 


Hocus Pocus is the Holy Grail of Halloween movies.

I'd watch it all year round because it's a f*cking great movie but come October 1st, it's practically on a daily loop in my house. 

Released in 1993, the story is now 25 years old (how mental is that?) and most of us know it OBH.

LA teen Max Dennison is the new guy at his Salem school, it's Halloween, and three sister witches come back from the dead after 300 years to suck the life out of all of the kids in the town blah blah blah.

Loving it as we do, the cast fits seamlessly into the plot – Thora Birch as fiery kid Dani deffo steals all the scenes she's in. 

But wait, guess who was all lined up to be the lead character, Max?

None other than Hollywood heavyweight Leo DiCaprio and our mind is blown. 

We can't imagine 90's cutsey Leo as the grumpy but likeable teen played by Omri Katz. 

Hocus Pocus director Kenny Ortega has said that Leo was the original inspo for the character.  

He said, ''the [casting] ladies called me up and they said, ‘We’re sending you an actor today but he’s not available but you're going to fall in love with him but you can’t have him. You need to see this guy because he’ll inspire you and if nothing else, he’ll help you find the right guy to play Max.''

He continued, "and they send me in a young Leonardo DiCaprio, who I completely and absolutely fall in love with.'' 

However young Leo chose to star in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape instead of the Halloween classic. 

And Kenny was happy with who they got to play Max instead. 

He said, ''obviously, he left and incredible things happened for that young man, but meeting him awakened me to the kind of spirit and fun and sincerity that I was looking for in an actor and when Omri Katz came around, I fell in love again and he was our Max."

Fans of the movie were quick to add their views on what they thought about this casting. 

Some thought Leo was all wrong for the flick, saying that Omri Katz was perfect in the role 

One wrote, ''Idk something about Omri Katz's quirkiness is almost perfect for the role.''

While others were showing their die-hard dedication to Leo.

One tweeted, ''Leo would never get his sneakers stolen like that chump'' and another said, ''Leo DiCaprio was the original choice for Max in Hocus Pocus, which would have made him my bae-ist bae.''

What do you think – Omri or Leo? Think we gotta stick with the original, you just can't beat it. 


Can you believe it's been 20 years since Titanic hit our screens?

It was the love story that no one could forget about, and now two decades later, there was a mini cast reunion, and we have to say, we're still swooning.

Billy Zane, Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio all came together again for Leo's charity fundraiser gala in St. Tropez in France.

At the gala, Leo and Kate auctioned themselves off to have a dinner with one lucky person… but we're just wondering how much someone would pay to have all three of them in the room together.

Billy shared a photo of the three amigos on Instagram with the caption, "Gang's back together. Now we're saving icebergs. Go Figure."

We're loving Billy's caption to the snap, but it seems the Internet just loves seeing everyone back together again:



It may have taken him years (and years)  to finally snag that long-awaited Oscar, but there was never any doubting the mad acting skillz possessed by Leonardo DiCaprio.

No matter what role that man has lent his hand to over the last two decades, he's absolutely nailed it.

So, we're not overly surprised to learn that when he channelled his inner demented uber-fan in NYC this week, Jonah Hill believed every moment of his performance.

Commenting on the footage that hit the internet earlier this week, the Superbad actor admitted Leo had indeed managed to pull the wool over his eyes after spotting him on a busy street in the West Village.

Speaking at the screening of his upcoming movie, War Dogs, this week, Jonah told clamouring reporters that Leo's impromptu prank had been a success, saying: "I was scared sh**tless."

Giving props to his former co-star for the wily trick, 32-year-old Jonah added: "It was funny! I was totally taken off guard."

And in fairness, he looked it.

Oh, that long, lingering hug explains so much now…



Ever since starring opposite each other in The Wolf of Wall Street in 2013, Leo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill have been fast friends.

And it's always seemed like their friendship stretched far beyond press junkets and red carpet events; these two lads looked like they'd kick it with beer and pizza while watching re-runs of Leo's awkward moment with Lady Gaga at the Golden Globes.

And yet despite knowing – OK fine, assuming – that this was the case, it's always refreshing to see it in action, right?

Thankfully for everyone as enchanted by Leo and Jonah as we are, paps in New York caught the two lads in one of the cutest candid moments we've seen in years.

Spotting his mate waiting on a pal in the West Village this week, Leo took the opportunity to scare the bejaysus out of him by pretending to be a crazed fan only mad for a selfie with lil Jonah.

From Leo's surprisingly goofy run to the lingering hug they share, this has had us falling all over each other at SHEmazing! HQ this morning.

Never change, guys.




It's been a good week for Leonardo DiCaprio. The actor sued a French magazine who claimed he was having a baby with Rihanna… and he won.

A court ordered the company behind Oops magazine to pay out €8,000 in damages and legal fees, and also to print a retraction in an upcoming issue which notes that Leo won a case against them.

Back in May, Oops printed a cover story with the (translated) headline, "Rihanna: Pregnant with Leonardo! He doesn't want the baby." The salacious story would most likely have escaped Leonardo's notice had he not been in France for the Cannes Film Festival at the time. Awks. 

In the court papers filed by Leo's legal team, the actor sought the maximum amount in damages for such a case, which by French law is €18,000.

In response to the filing, Oops' co-owner Frederic Truskolaski told Gossip Cop, "We didn’t know [if Rihanna was pregnant]… We thought she might be. We were not sure, of course." 

Back in January, Leo and Rihanna were indeed rumoured to be dating, after various sources reported seeing them kissing at a Playboy Mansion party. However the actor later released a statement via his rep to say he was "single" and had been "for some time."

The French court found that Oops had violated France's strict privacy laws by publishing details about Leo's personal life and also by using two paparazzi shots of him on the street.

This is not the first time in recent memory that a celebrity has taken a magazine to court in Europe. Back in October 2014, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel sued the European edition of Heat in Dublin after an unfounded report claimed Justin had been seen with other women at a club in Paris.

The couple reportedly chose an Irish court because they felt Irish libel law offered the best legal protection. In the end a settlement was reached before the trial began.