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They partied together at Coachella just last week – but now it seems something has changed.

It has been reported that Selena Gomez is feuding with the Jenner sisters, Kendall and Kylie.

She has even gone as far as to unfollow them on her Instagram account and deleted pictures of their festival festivities together.

The girls had become increasingly close over the last few weeks with Selena and Kendall being spotted having lunch together frequently.

Hmm, we wonder what happened and if a certain Ms. Swift had anything to do with it!




Love ’em or hate ’em, these girls are going places in the fashion world!

The youngest Jenner girls will be launching a handbag and shoes range called Madden Girl with the highly successful fashion company that will, according to the girls, be available soon.

Kendall uploaded the image above to her Instagram account saying: “So excited to announce that Kylie and I have been working on a new shoe and handbag collab with @SteveMadden for Madden Girl! It will be available at @Nordstrom soon! #KendallKylieMaddenGirl”.

The announcement comes shortly after the sister’s stunning collection for Pacsun was released.

At this rate Kendall and Kylie will be more famous than their sisters and are both still teenagers!



Did Kylie and Jaden just officially proclaim their affection for each other?

The couple have been a rumoured couple for quite a while now but it seems they may have just made the news official.

Commenting on a post Kylie had put up on Twitter, Jaden wrote: “Okay I love this girl,” with Kylie returning the compliment a little while later by re-tweeting a post of Jaden’s and writing “Okay I love this boy”.

Ah, young love – so sweet!





A number of special guests who turned out for the opening of the G’Day USA celebration were delighted when Kylie Minogue took to the stage and performed yesterday evening.

Singing a number of her best hits including “Can’t get you out of my head,” the demure star looked stunning.

Is she even aging at all? It would seem not.

Among the Australian celebrities and VIP’s were cast members from TV show Modern Family. Eric Stonesteet (Cam), Ariel Winter (Alex), Ty Burrell (Mitch) and little cutie Nolan Gould (Luke) sat in the audience as news broke that there is to be an episode of Modern Family filmed in Sydney this year, as confirmed by the show’s co-creator, Steve Levitan.

Clearly excited at the prospect of such a great location for the annual vacation episode, Levitan says; “We promise to feature a kangaroo, a koala and a boomerang. I’m sure there will be lots more, but so far that’s all we know about Australia – our American school system is a disaster. So we thank Qantas for this amazing opportunity to broaden our horizons.”