The potato salad Kickstarter guy just threw a massive party!

Kickstarter is a great funding outlet for aspiring musicians, filmmakers, designers… and it seems, potato salad lovers.

Back in June, Zack Brown jokingly started a Kickstarter campaign with the aim of raising $10 to make some, you've guessed it… potato salad.

His idea went viral and of course the entire internet jumped on board, with Zack receiving funding of $55,000 in just 30 days.

What to do with all that money? Well, aside from making an initial donation of $20,000 to a charitable fund in his hometown of Columbus, Ohio, Zack also threw a giant festival-style party in the town over the weekend.

Aside from music, family events and beer, there was of course, a LOT of potato salad at the festival, aptly titled PotatoStock.

Local restaurants and chefs helped to make mounds of food and offered up their own favourite recipes.

Back in July when the funding came through, Zack admitted that what had started out at a bit of fun was now a chance to make a significant change. He described the potato-y goodwill as  "an opportunity to make the world a better place," adding that "those opportunities don’t come around every day".

Almost 7,000 people pledged money towards the bizarre cause. Those who donated larger amounts will receive t-shirts and a recipe book containing potato salad recipes from all over the world. As for those who could only spare a couple of quid, Zack didn't leave them high and dry either – he promised to say their name "out loud while making the potato salad." Creepy!