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Former X Factor contestant Katie Waissel has revealed her true feelings about her ex-mentor, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini… and boy, it is NOT pretty!

The 29-year-old admitted that she even warned Rita Ora, who is a good friend of hers, that she thinks Cheryl is a “pr**k”.

It is no secret that Ms Waissel and Cheryl didn’t see eye to eye, with Katie having previously opened up about her distaste for the former Girls Aloud singer.

Speaking to Star Magazine she said that, “People think I have this huge thing against Cheryl. And granted, I do. I’m pissed off for various reasons. If you ask me she is fake as s**t.”

And Katie didn’t stop there. “I just think there’s no substance to her,” the singer went on. “She can be very abrupt and rude. I don’t think she’s a very nice human.”

Katie, who finished seventh in the seventh series of the show had some advice to give to upcoming contestants. And that was “to f*****g beg to get someone else as a mentor.”

Wow, we can’t imagine Cheryl is going to be too pleased hearing about this!

Warning new judge Rita Ora against her, Katie admitted that “I told her I hung out with Simon and Louis Walsh, and Cheryl sat with her Benson and Hedges in her dressing room staring at her diamonds. Rita, if you ever lose Cheryl, that’s where she is.” 



Former X Factor contestant Katie Waissel has been talking about Cheryl Fernandez-Versini again, and she still has nothing nice to say!

Katie hit headlines when she took to the stage at Sunday’s X Factor final – only weeks after calling Cheryl “disgusting”. She was see mouthing the words ‘you owe me’ to Simon and later hinted on Twitter that she may be taking a judges’ seat next year

Now, Katie has slammed Cheryl again in her new! column, saying she wasn’t all there on Sunday, writing: “Cheryl was absolutely NOWHERE to be seen! I’m surprised she even made it out to the chairs … She needs to lighten up, for her sake! If she doesn’t want to be there and take part, then I suggest she slowly slip away. People see thorough bullsh**.”

Hmm, we think if there is a chance of Katie taking a seat on next year’s panel, she may want to lay off giving out about Simon’s muse for a while! It certainly won’t do her any favours. 



It’s only been two months since Katie Waissel very publicly called X Factor judge Cheryl “disgusting” – so what was she doing on last night’s show?!

Fans of the show were left confused when the former contestant appeared, as she has previously said that she wishes she had not done the show: “If I could turn back time and not fill out that form, I would give every penny in my bank account to do so.” Ouch. 

Katie joined in on a production of (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life along with other former contestants such as Wagner, Chloe Jasmine and Stevi Ritchie. 

While Cheryl has been known to give shade where shade is rightly deserved, she surprisingly gave Katie and the group a standing ovation – we bet Katie had some grovelling to do before she took to the stage!

To make matters even more confusing, Katie is said to have mouthed something to Simon following the performance, which many on Twitter have speculated looked like ‘you owe me.’ She later tweeted a very mysterious: “Bye Bye London!! See y’all on the other side…. #seeyounextyear #confirmed #chair” swiftly prompting rumours that she may take a judges' seat next year…

We can’t help but find that very difficult to foresee, but time will tell!



Well this has to be the most random, unexpected coupling ever!

X Factor fans will no doubt remember Katie Waissel, the controversial contestant who made it to the finals with One Direction in 2010?

Well, it looks like she has found love with an A-list Hollywood star!

Yes, Katie has set tongues wagging after it was revealed that she is secretly dating The Big Bang Theory actor Johnny Galecki, who plays Leonard on the hit show.

A source has told Now magazine that while the pair have only been on a few dates, it looks like romance has blossomed.

“They have been seeing each other for a few weeks now and it’s going really well. Johnny is really private and Katie isn’t one to splash her love life around so they have been keeping a low profile,” said the source.

Did not see that one coming!




Katie Waissel has blasted Cheryl Fernandez-Versini’s comeback on The X Factor and she certainly isn’t holding back!

The former X Factor contestant was speaking to New! magazine when she slammed her former mentor, saying: “She’s the only one who’s been disgusting to be honest – to make such comments, youre like, ‘Wait, who are you?’ … It’s annoying – it’s not even TV, it’s just nasty. Simon Cowell has given her a second chance. She should make the most of it. It’s a bit of a s*** show, to be honest.”

Katie was referring to Cheryl's attitude towards contestant Raign, who she took an instant dislike to. 

Katie didn’t stop there though…oh no. She went on to well and truly put down Cheryl’s singing, saying: “I don’t want her to sing through it and I don’t think anybody else does. She looks beautiful in her calendar but, no, don’t sing Cheryl. She can dance. But stop it.”

Ooh, something tells us Katie has it out for Cheryl! 

And we all know Cheryl is not one to let a good Twitter war go to waste…