Katie Piper has shared a harrowing photo of her acid attack injuries to raise awareness on World Mental Health Day.

In March 2008, Katie’s ex-boyfriend told an accomplice to attack Katie with acid, which left her with major burns on her face, body and blindness in one eye.

Thanks to pioneering surgery, Katie’s vision and face were restored, but the mum’s mental health was still severely damaged.


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To mark World Mental Health Day, Katie has penned an open letter about how scared she was after the attack.

“I remember when I didn’t want to look at anyone. I remember when I didn’t want anyone to look at me. I remember when I was scared of people, scared of men,” she wrote.

“I remember when I was scared of the world. I remember when opening up to people and talking about my trauma and psychological damage just wasn’t possible.”


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Katie added, “Today on Mental Health Day my first meeting of the day is with my therapist. I still go, it still helps and I’m able to talk.”

She stressed, “Hold on, pain ends.”


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Katie's journey is proof that we are strong enough to overcome even the darkest traumas. What happened to Katie is simply horrifying and heartbreaking, but the mum has remained strong throughout her journey. Seeking professional help for mental health issues is one of the most difficult steps to make, but it is always worth it.

We have so much respect for Katie for opening up about such a traumatising moment in her life.