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Another day, another Kardashian doing something culturally inappropriate.

Last week it was Kylie's absurd Handmaid's Tale-themed party, this week it's Kim Kardashian West's new body foundation AND her kimono range. 

The reality television star and beauty mogul has been accused of cultural appropriation after releasing her new shapewear collection, which is named 'Kimono'.

No, it has nothing to do with actual kimonos, or Japan for that matter. 

She wrote on Twitter about the launch, saying;

"Finally I can share with you guys this project that I have been developing for the last year. I’ve been passionate about this for 15 years. Kimono is my take on shapewear and solutions for women that actually work."

Social media users, however, were having NONE of it. Kim was blasted for adopting a term which bears strong significance in Japanese culture, while only using it for the play on her name in the title.

A user named Yuko Kato on Twitter criticised the name, explaining the confusion which Japanese people have regarding the inappropriate choice; 

"As a Japanese woman who loves to wear our traditional dress, kimono, I find the naming of your products baffling (since it has no resemblance to kimono), if not outright culturally offensive, especially if it’s merely a word play on your name."

They added; "Basically, what you’re doing is creating a line of underwear and calling them, ‘traditional Japanese garments’. Is that what you’re aiming for? 

"Or, are you intentionally taking a Japanese word of specific and extreme cultural significance, stripping away its meaning, and appropriating it for your brand?

"I do hope not, but intentional or otherwise, that will be the result. That’s why many Japanese are crying foul," Yuto concluded.

It appears that Kim didn't do her homework when it came to the cultural importance of the word 'kimono'.

Another person tweeted; 

"Please be respectful with Japanese culture. The word 'kimono' shouldn't be something that any one company can take advantage and making profit out of cultural appropriation."

The range was also described as "absolutely tasteless and awful" and lambasting Kim for having "zero respect to the Japanese culture".

"I feel very sad that the name “Kimono” is being used to something completely different from what we Japanese know about it. Kimono is Japanese traditional clothes and we are very proud of its history and culture.

"I’m sorry but I feel this name choice is simply ignorant," wrote Twitter user @bunkaiwa. 


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US reports stated last year that Kardashian West filed to trademark the name "Kimono Intimates".

The "kimono", was originally worn by commoners in Japan and as an undergarment for members of the aristocracy. It became a widely-worn item of clothing by the 16th century for all classes.

This isn't the first time that the businesswoman has been called out for cultural appropriation, remember her 'Bo Derek Braids'?

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We're firm believers that there is absolutely nothing wrong with embracing your lazy side in winter, especially when getting home after work.

Just shut the door on the horrible rain and cold, load up a plate with yummy food and settle down in comfort to watch your fave TV show.

Sounds perfect, right? Well, it's about to get a whole lot better.

The Japanese Kotatsu is a table with one or two attached covers to snuggle into and a heat source, commonly electric but sometimes charcoal, designed to warm your lower body while eating, watching TV or sleeping and in the meantime, keeps the rest of your body in blissful comfort too.

We can't think of anything better to cuddle up under after work so we think this just might make our Christmas list. Santa, we hope you're listening!



The ripped look is back, and what better way to guarantee that you’re on trend than with a pair of “Designed by Tiger” jeans.

A Japanese designer came up with the idea of getting bears, tiger and lions to rip up denim material in order to create the customised look.

Zoo volunteers wrap denim material around car tyres and rubber balls and throw them into the animal’s enclosure.

The tigers, lions and bears chew, claw and tear the fabric which is then retrieved and sewn into jeans.

Three pairs have been made so far and has already attracted several bids, with some being priced at $1200.

It might be expensive but it’s all for a good cause, as all money raised from the jean venture will be given to the animals at Kamine Zoo in Hitachi City.



Babymetal, a Japanese pop group have released their song “Gimme Chocolate”.

It is by far the catchiest tune on the internet at the moment. We can’t get it out of our heads!