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We like to think of ourselves as a fashion forward kinda bunch (largely because we are). 

But there are other matters to consider when it comes to being decked out in our finest attire for an evening on the town. Namely: the time it takes to walk to the bus-stop; the prospect of hitting the chipper in the early hours, and whether it's proper raining or there's only a light drizzle. 

Other factors of important consideration include: the presence of cobblestones, the height of your date, and whether it's a bloaty kinda-day

So while we'd only LOVE to go all Alexa-Chung-with-a-Kendall-Jenner-twist on our weekend get-up, having a bit of good old-fashioned cop-on is key. 

We're not alone in our outlook either. A Dublin Fashion Festival survey today confirmed that six out of every ten Irish lassies dress for comfort and/or the weather.

What the report also discovered? Nine out of ten of us are more confident when we wear clothes we feel good in, and a third of us are influenced by what celebrities wear (one Lady Gaga meat dress, please).

That and we make d'lads work for our affections: 66 percent of men dress to impress their other halves, compared to 59 percent of ladies.

The findings were released to coincide with the announcement that Galaxy chocolate (delish) is sponsoring this year's fashion festival. It's a collaboration which is going to make the event – now in its seventh year – even bigger and better for 2016.

The Dublin Fashion Festival takes place from September 6-11 and you can find out more here or on the Facebook page. The hashtags to look out for are #GalaxyStyle, and #DublinFashion.


We're firm believers that there is absolutely nothing wrong with embracing your lazy side in winter, especially when getting home after work.

Just shut the door on the horrible rain and cold, load up a plate with yummy food and settle down in comfort to watch your fave TV show.

Sounds perfect, right? Well, it's about to get a whole lot better.

The Japanese Kotatsu is a table with one or two attached covers to snuggle into and a heat source, commonly electric but sometimes charcoal, designed to warm your lower body while eating, watching TV or sleeping and in the meantime, keeps the rest of your body in blissful comfort too.

We can't think of anything better to cuddle up under after work so we think this just might make our Christmas list. Santa, we hope you're listening!