Three’s a crowd! This couple woke up to an unexpected surprise


One Australian couple woke up to something quite unexpected in their bed recently. The pair awoke to find that a stranger was sleeping in the bed next to them. 

Chris and Katie jumped when at 1:45 am they realised they were not the only ones in the bed, a naked Irish man had climbed in to catch a few Zzz's beside them. 

When speaking to a Sydney news company, Katie said: " Chris is on one side, I'm in the middle and then our stranger on the end right in with us… It was terrifying."

They reacted quickly once they were aware of their house guest and they ordered him to gather his clothes and get out of their apartment. Chris followed him out the door, but once they kicked him out, he climbed back inside the window. 

Police services quickly arrived at the scene and the man was arrested. However it was sadly found that the man was not of sound mind and he was treated for drug related issues. 

The couple have definitely learned their lesson about leaving a window open in future however, which they did to allow their cat to enter the apartment. 

Chris and Kate have no idea how long the man was in the bed with them for: "That's kind of the scary part, how long he might have been looking at us thinking it's a good idea to get into bed with these guys."

Chris said the intruder appeared to be significantly distressed when they woke him up.