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We know that Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are the couple of the moment, but one thing we didn't expect is for them to move in together already. 

The hot new couple were spotted out in New York City yesterday, and got a lot of people talking about the various stops they took on their visit. 

While in a SoHo neighbourhood, the duo were seen visiting various apartments that are available to rent. 

But one source told E! News, that they were just having a look, and don't plan to move in together yet. Huh? 

Instead, the inside source said that they just wanted to see a few sights while spending time together in the Big Apple. 

Now, if we wanted to visit a few sights in New York with our other half, we'd opt for the Statue of Liberty, or the Empire State Building, not a few… apartments. 

Zayn and Gigi do seem quite keen on each other though, so you never know, it could happen soon enough. 



Ah, house-hunting. Things always start off so well with dreams of bay windows, heaps of natural light and giant cloud-like beds.

Then all of a sudden you find yourself handing over your entire month's wages as a deposit for a glorified prison cell that smells like old cheese. The joys!

If you're unlucky enough to be looking for a new rental at the moment, here are some of the stages you're no doubt going through…

1. False hope
I know the markets tough, but I'll probably get lucky, right? RIGHT?

2. Trying and failing to find ANY houses on Daft, let alone nice ones
But the world is full of houses? Why in God's name are none of them up for rent?

3. Re-evaluating your budget after about five minutes of searching for places
So… we're going to need to rob a bank. Now.

4. Going to some seriously dodgy house viewings…
"Oh, yeah, I love this kitchen-dining room-bathroom-bedroom combo. It's so cosy."

5. And yet still having to queue behind fifteen other hopefuls
Why, cruel world?

6. Frantically emailing landlords within ten seconds of a new listing going up on Daft

7. Finally getting an offer in AND getting accepted
Your prayers have been answered! Who cares how much the deposit is? We just won't eat for a few months.

8. Hiding your depression at the fact that your new place is really very grim
Oh… it's fine. We'll just hang up some fairy lights and have loadsa candles. It'll be FINE. *runs away sobbing*




Living alone is not something that many twenty-somethings have experience of.

If you were lucky enough to move out of home for college, you most likely lived in a den of cider cans and stolen traffic cones with at least three others. Those of us who took off on J1 summers will know the pain/joy of three months on an air mattress, living with 16 others in a house built for four. Oh, adult life!

After college the thought of renting alone can seem a little daunting. I know for me it did, but after four months of house-sharing with one silent German girl who refused to make eye contact, and another who had pretty much taken on her boyfriend as a fourth (non-paying) renter, I decided it was time for a change.

None of my pals were looking to move out at the time, so I took the plunge and rented a one-bedroom flat. It wasn’t a major decision – the one-bed apartment just happened to be the nicest, best value and most conveniently located of all the places I’d viewed. Before I knew it, I’d moved my stuff in and was suddenly living solo á la Carrie Bradshaw.

Things definitely took a lot of getting used to – there’s something strange about arriving home and realising you’re the only person who’s been in the house all day. And when I ran out of teabags for the first time, for some reason it felt a little lonely not to be able to borrow one from a roomie. It’s the little things!

Aside from that though, living by myself was the best decision I’d ever made. I didn’t spend a whole lot of time alone in the house to be honest – either I was out, at work or having friends over – but I came to cherish the moments I did get to spend there by myself.

There was no one to silently judge my choice of TV (yes, I happen to adore University Challenge – what of it?!), no one to come barrelling into the living room with a gang of mates when I’d planned a quiet night, and no one to hog the shower/kitchen/Wi-Fi. Plus, if I didn’t particularly feel like wearing a bra of an evening, well, who was to know? Bliss!

There is definitely a psychological hurdle that comes with moving into a place by yourself. Just like it can feel slightly odd at first to sit in a restaurant alone or order a drink in a bar with no-one sitting beside you, living alone does take some getting used to. But I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Your twenties are all about getting to know yourself and who you are – and what better way to embrace these years than by going it alone? Never again will you have the opportunity to be so fiercely independent.

Although I only lived my lovely little one-bed for less than a year before a room came up in a pal’s house, it was enough to make me realise that I didn’t necessarily need to rely on other people to be content.

Yes, it certainly takes a period of adjustment and it mightn’t be for everyone, but I truly believe that living by yourself is one of the most satisfying and enriching experiences you’ll ever have. Give it a go!