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When we watch our favourite beauty influencers, we're often left in awe at their lavish lifestyles. 

From destroying designer handbags to jet setting at the drop of a (Supreme) hat, it seems that the worlds' top beauty influencers have money to burn. 

A recent report by Hopper reveals exactly how much the globe's 10 most influential beauty gurus make per Instagram post – and with feeds saturated with #ad and #spon, it's not hard to see how they came by that hard earned dough. 

1. Hudda Kattan @hudabeauty


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Followers: 26 million Earnings per post: $33,000

Huda Kattan is easily one of the ost recognisable faces in the Instagram beauty set. 

With her own booming beauty business and millions of Insta followers, her influencer is undeniable, and comes with a hefty price tag. 

2. Zoe Sugg @zoella 


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Followers: 10 million Earnings per post: $16,000

Known as YouTube's sweetheart, Zoe Sugg's bubbly, Brighton based beauty content has enraptured audiences for a decade. 

As well as promoting her own beauty and bath brand, Zoe puts her name to other beauty companies from time to time. 

3. Nikkie De Jager @nikkitutorials


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One of YouTube's most creative minds, Nikki Tutirials is the ultimate online trendsetter. 

With her sponsored posts demanding top dollar, it's clear she give beauty brands the value they're seeking. 

4. Naomi Giannopoulos @vegas_nay


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Followers: 7.5 million Earnings per post: $12,00

Naomi is the ultimate sharer of stunning makeup looks, with her Instagram being the ideal place to find your night out face inspo. 

5. Jeffree Star @jeffreestar


A post shared by Jeffree Star (@jeffreestar) on

Followers: 7.7 million Earnings per post: $10,500

As one of the original Internet celebrities, it's only fitting that Queen Jeffree honours us with his presence on this list. 

It's also no surprise, after a recent Shane Dawson documentary revealed that his earnings stretch into the multiple millions. 

6. James Charles @jamescharles


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Followers: 5.9 million Earnings per post: $9,750

The first male face of CoverGirl Cosmetics, James Charles swept onto the beauty scene two years ago, disintegrating gender boundaries with a wave of his blending brush. 

7. Amra Olevic @amrezy


A post shared by Amra Olević (@amrezy) on

Followers: 5.5 million Earnings per post: $9,000

If you're after the perfect Inst feed, look no further.

Amara's perfectly curated and colour coded 'gram genuinely makes us feel that there is a sense of order in the world, and clearly brands feel the same. 

8. Manny Gutierrez @mannymua


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Followers: 5.1 million Earnings per post: $4,900

Manny MUA is one of the most beloved makeup artists on YouTube, with a solid fan base and serious skill. 

Brands flock to him for creative content, much like his follower squad. 

9. Shayla Mitchell @makeupshayla


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Followers: 2.7 million Earnings per post: $4,400

Beauty blogger Shayla has one of the most skilled hands in the makeup world. 

From stunning, subtle, shimmery looks to full glam makeovers, he love her look as much as brands do. 

10. Amanda Steele @amandasteele


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Followers 2.7 million Earnings per post: $4,200

One of Insta's edgier influencers, her posts are a medley of flawless selfies and iconic outfits.


Conor McGregor is undoubtedly a national treasure, thanks to his stellar career flying the Irish flag in MMA. 

The Notorious one has accumulated 25 million followers on his Instagram thanks to his outlandish personal brand. 

While many have a love/hate relationship with McGregor's lavish and balsy persona, brands clearly have no issue with it when it comes to having the MMA master represent their products.

According to Hopper's 2018 Instagram rich list, Conor McGregor comes in at number 8 on the list of most valuable social media sportsmen. 

The fighting champ commands up to $125,000 per post on this page. 

Hopper compiled the data of the richest social media personalities, and Conor comes in at number 16 on the influential list over all. 

However, they did get one detail pretty darn wrong.

The list says that Conor is from the UK – a fake news fact we are sure the patriotic fighter would not be too impressed with. 

Kylie Jenner topped the list as the most influential person on Instagram, commanding a cool one million dollars per sponsored post.