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We love hearing about how the rich and famous live their lives. We follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat just to see their day-to-day business.

You could probably even say we're a bit obsessed.

Something we never really hear of though, is their nightly routines and what they do just before bedtime.

Well not anymore, as we have the inside scoop on what 5 leading ladies do just before they say "good night".

Gwyneth Palthrow

Gwyneth handles her family life, movie career, her blog Goop, any many other business by taking a relaxing bath at the end of each day.

“I take an Epsom salt bath every night to wind down,” Gwyneth Paltrow told Elle. “I use a lot of organic essential oils on my pressure points.”

"It's the perfect antidote to a full-on day."


Vera Wang

Vera is one of the most successful designers of our time and thanks to relaxation in her room, she manages to cope with daily stresses.

“My bedroom is my sanctuary,” Wang told Fortune. 

“It’s like a refuge, and it’s where I do a fair amount of designing—at least conceptually if not literally.”


Blake Lively

Blake looks like a fairy princess and has a smile that could brighten up anyones day.

And what does she have to thank keeping calm and beautiful? Chocolate. Yep, chocolate is a part of both her morning and night routines.

“I can’t start my day without a cup of hot milk chocolate or finish without crunching a few dark chocolate squares. It’s good for my morale," Ms Lively told Marie Claire.


Lena Dunham

The leading actess and writer of our time told Huffington Post that she always keeps a stack of books by her bed, “all in various states of having-been-read-ness.” "My past books include Diane Keaton’s autobiography Then Again and Mary Gaitskill’s Bad Behaviour


Lauren Conrad

The designer, blogger, and The Hills alum is also a valuable pot of wisdom for career women looking to get ahead but still maintain a well-balanced life.

On her famous website, Conrad stresses the importance of making time for yourself, setting measurable goals, and keeping a to-do list by your bed.

We think Conrad must live what she preaches, because her life seems pretty well kept!


It’s the app that has absorbed millions since launching and going viral last week – how-old.net calculates your age based on your facial structure and features.

Microsoft has now revealed that 33m people have used the software so far, collectively offering up 240m pictures for analysis.

Branded the ultimate vanity device, the outcomes have occasionally proved controversial. Indeed, users have been taking to social media in drones to share their delight and dismay at the results.

“Sorry if we didn’t quite get the age and gender right,” Microsoft offers by way of a disclaimer, “we are still improving this feature.”

But what about preened and groomed celebrities? With access to the best stylists, dieticians, cosmetics, and beauty treatments that money can buy, surely they look years younger than the Average Joe and Jane.

Not always so, it seems. Here at SHEmazing! we put some of our favourite famous faces through the app – with sometimes surprising results.

The stars the How Old app reckons look older:

Clockwise: Kylie Jenner is still just 17, and Lindsay Lohan is actually 28; 
22-year-old Selena Gomez, and Margot Robbie, who is 24


And the ones that have been deemed to look younger:

Clockwise: Demi Moore is incredibly 52; Victoria Beckham is actually 41;
Halle Berry has already marked her 48th birthday, and Jennifer Lopez is 45


Finally, the celebrities How Old got (pretty much) spot on:

Clockwise: Duchess Kate is indeed 33; Angelina Jolie is 39;
Michelle Keegan is 27, and Laura Whitmore has just turned 30




Gwyneth Paltrow broke down in tears on Wednesday night while watching her mother in a play.

While we’re sure her marriage woes had something to do with the star’s tears, it appears she was very emotional while watching her mom, famous actress, Blythe Danner, on-stage.

Blythe stars in The Country House which is playing at the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles.

A source told People magazine that the star was visibly emotional during the play: “She was tearing up at a scene where her mother – who plays a legendary actress – has a confrontation with her grown-up depressed son. It was sweet to see her watching her mom.”

Aww, that’s so sweet, we’re sure Gwyneth could use some cheering up these day with everything going on.